The number one leading manufacturer of electronic musical instruments has shared its latest product releases including the upgraded GO: Mixer Pro

Roland: GO:MIXER Pro

A smartphone audio mixer that makes it easy for users to create engaging, high-quality video content

  • The ultimate hardware audio device for smartphone content creators, combining multi-channel mixing, sound monitoring, and more in one affordable, palm-sized device.
  • Creators can connect and mix up to nine audio sources at once, dedicated controls provide easy volume adjustment, and the resulting stereo digital audio output is sent straight to the user’s smartphone for capturing in a video or audio app.
  • Powered by the smartphone connection or via four AAA-size batteries
  • A headphones output with level control is also provided for monitoring the mix and listening to backing audio from the smartphone while performing.
  • A Center Cancel function is available as well, enabling users to create karaoke-style tracks on the fly.
  • Loopback function lets users back-track recordings.
  • When it’s not being used to capture content on a mobile device, GO:MIXER PRO doubles as a standalone battery-powered mixer for practice and on-the-go performing.
  • Works with Roland’s Virtual Stage Camera and the 4XCAMERA

GO: Mixer Pro can be used with the following apps:

  • 4XCAMERA: An iOS video production app that lets users film up to four performances split on one screen.
  • Virtual Stage Camera: A video production app that allows users to remove the background from their own performance video and replace it with movie footage or stills from their smartphone – designed for iOS.
  • Camcorder: A video recording app for Android devices.

Available at:
Price: $169.99

Roland: R-07

Handheld recording device to capture sound on-the-go with multiple high-quality recording modes, plus unique dual recording and hybrid limiting functions that ensure perfect audio capture every time.

  • Supports mono and stereo WAV recording at rates up to 24-bit/96 kHz and MP3 recording at rates up to 320 kbps.
  • Has top-quality onboard stereo mics and
  • Top-quality onboard stereo mics are always at the ready, while handy scene setups configure all the critical recorder settings with one touch.
  • Is powered via two AA batteries or USB bus power, and comes in a choice of black, white, and red colors.
  • Using the free R-07 remote control app on an iOS or Android mobile device, users can wirelessly manage various R-07 functions and also monitor status and levels while the R-07 is placed in a prime recording location that’s out of reach.
  • For added protection during storage and travel, Roland is also offering an optional soft zippered pouch (CB-BPR07) and a sturdy bag with a shoulder strap and pockets (CB-BR07).

Available at:
Price: $199.99

Roland: Rubix44

Audio interface for Mac, Pc and iPad designed to offer a perfectly balanced combination of high-fidelity sound and solid build quality in a compact size and at an affordable price.

  • A multi-platform interface is carefully engineered to have extremely low noise from input to output, can support for audio resolutions up to 24-bit/192kHz.
  • Highly visible indicators clearly show the presence of a good signal or an overloading input, even from a distance.
  • Extensive shielding and ground lifts help ensure clean, quiet operation in a variety of venues
  • The compact metal construction means Rubix can provide studio-grade performance just about anywhere.
  • Has four mic preamps, a total of 4 inputs and 4 outputs that when coupled with an iPad creates a highly portable recording or performance rig.

Available at:
Price: $250-300

Roland: 4XCAMERA App

Capture performances and create impressive music videos with the iOS app that lets you film up to four performances split on one screen

  • Easily create music videos with up to four performances split on the screen.
  • Users capture one video performance on the app and use it as a guide to capture three more performances, adding new parts to each pass.
  • Sound can be recorded via the device’s built-in mic or through a connected audio capture device.
  • Share video projects through cloud-based storage so multiple musicians can use the app to contribute to performances from anywhere in the world.
  • All videos for song are stores within the app’s library
  • To complete a split screen video, the user applies a split screen pattern, adjusts volume for each video, and then renders a final file for sharing on media sites.

Available at:

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