Roku Remote Holder Review:

Photo2The TotalMount Roku Remote Holder is a nice accessory for those looking for a way to help keep clutter out of their lives. It is a simple, well molded, caddy for your Roku remote. It fits any series Roku’s remote and, combined with its permanent adhesive backing, allows you to fasten it to the back of your bedroom TV or onto the side of a couch table or entertainment center.

I found that it fit perfectly with my Roku LT and my newer Roku remotes. I decided to use it to keep my Roku’s remote in check on my spare room’s TV since there is nothing else to this setup but the TV and the Roku. I simply pealed the backing, and attached it to the TV.  It holds great and my guests will never know the pain of a missing remote. My only complaint would be its permanent adhesive. Something removable would have been nice, but this works great if you know you won’t want to move the holder.