Enjoy the magic of Rocketbook on a place anywhere Think Board X whiteboard.  Damage free peel-and-stick smart surface.

If you have not heard about Rocketbook, I invite you to read my reviews of the Rocketbook Everlast and Rocketbook Color.  Between these reviews, you will quickly understand the power of the technology.  To summarize the Rocketbook system, you will first need to write something on the reusable pages with erasable ink or with a Frixion pen.  Next, select one to seven of the icons along the bottom of the page with an X or color in the icon.  Navigate to the app, sign into the app and then choose where you want those icons to send the contents of the pages.  The app will photograph the pages and send them to your designated location.  You can then wipe the pages clean and reuse them.  Rocketbook works perfectly for note taking, drawing/coloring/doodling, grocery lists, and to-do lists.  No matter what stage you are experiencing in life, this device/app could significantly improve how you interact with information.  We learned in history that our ancestors wrote on stone, vellum, papyrus, and paper.  We learned about technology developed during the stone age, the bronze age, the iron, age and through the industrial revolution.  Maybe someday people will talk about the Rocketbook digital/app-enhanced reusable paper advancement as tech that ushered in the digital age.  Regardless, Rocketbook has brought note-taking to the twenty-first century.

Think Board XWho has sat in a classroom, feverishly and meticulously attempting to copy the information from the whiteboard/chalkboard onto an 8 1/2 by 11-inch piece of paper, or digitally onto a computer?  I have aggravatingly experienced courses where teachers wrote with their right hand as they erased with their left hand.  God forbid you blink your eyes, sneeze or have to take an unexpected potty break.  Some classes would allow audio recording and rarely the lectures were visually recorded.  Thus, I had to rely on my strong note-taking skills and the willingness of fellow classmates to fill in the gaps in my notes.  I still have thousands of pages of notes from college and grad school because I cannot bring myself to throw them away.  Luckily, much of this written data remains viable today and I still occasionally use them as refreshers.  Some of the most important diagrams/images have been scanned but most remain in their original, low-tech form.  What if the images on the whiteboard could be stored/sent electronically?  How would this change the way students interacted with the data?  What if you could make any surface a whiteboard?  Now, imagine that there was a way to turn any surface into a Rocketbook surface.

Think Board X RocketbookAs of Monday, 9/10/18, Rocketbook combined the technology from Think Board, the makers of peel and stick whiteboards, with the capabilities of the image capturing, cloud app.  Install the peel-and-stick panel onto a table/desk, your refrigerator for a shopping list/calendar, a wall, a window or onto any flat surface.  You can add Think Borders to create a pleasing border, without having to use any tools.  Apply to any smooth surface, and remove from the same surface without damaging your wall.  Since you will not damage your wall, this would be perfect for dorms and apartments.  Combining forces, Rocketbook and Think Board X started a Kickstart Campaign that will run from 9/10/18 through 9/30/18.  Now any surface can be made into a Rocketbook, app-friendly surface.  The teacher can scan the board at the end of a lecture and send the notes to Google Drive, One Drive, Box, Slack Dropbox, Evernote, and iOS message.  Or, they can leave the board as-is and allow any interested student to scan the page.  Additionally, as of 09/13/18, Rocketbook updated the app with new optical character recognition (OCR), which allows email transcription, smart titles and smart search.  This will allow the old Rocketbook system to turn handwriting into digital searchable text, add double hashtags to allow title searches and editable text.

Rocketbook AppThe Think Board X can be preordered in two sizes, a small 8 inch by 11 inch Small Think Board X and a larger 2 feet by 3 feet Large Think Board X.  Each will ship with a microfiber cloth, black whiteboard marker, peel, and stick technology, and can stick to any flat smooth surface.  The small Think Board X can be purchased in packs of 1, 3, 10 or 50 and will retail for $15 per sheet.   The Large Think Board X can be preordered in packs of 1 or 5 for $40 per sheet.   If you navigate to the Kickstarter page, you can back them and gain access to some neat bundles.

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