Enjoy Guardians of the Galaxy memorabilia while charging your iOS device.

Names that were once known only to comic lovers are now ubiquitous. With the might of Marvel in full swing, you will likely recognize  Rocket, Star Lord, Drax, Gamora and “I am Groot.”  From the original Ironman, through the most recent Guardians Of the Galaxy Vol. 2, we have been taken on quite a journey.  Obviously, Disney has enjoyed the revenue stream from these movies/characters.  However, our collections have benefited as well.  Whether you are interested in bobbleheads, plushies or perhaps more obscure items, the popularity has allowed nearly everything to have the likeness of your favorite character.

I have received a Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Rocket Series Fast Charging Sync Cable for iPhone/iPad to review.  The product arrives in a very Marvel-esque 7 1/4″ tall by 2 1/2″ wide by 1 1/4″ thick rectangular package. The main cover has the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 logo and a clear window displaying a silver MFI certified charger.  The sides of the package show Rocket, guns blazing and a large “Rocket Series” logo.  The back of the package provides some basic information about the included charging cable: Apple MFI (Made for iPod, Made for iPhone, Made for iPad), 5V/2.4A max, 100cm (40.25″) length, 8 pin lighting cable, Rocket Themed Cable Reel. The package provides a list of compatible devices for the cable iPhone 5 and up, iPad 4th generation, iPad mini 1-4, iPad Air/Air2, iPod nano Gen 7 and iPod Touch 5th/6th generation.

Within the packaging, you will find the 40.25″ silver cable with metallic coated outer shell.  The metallic shell is designed like a spring and will compress as you bend the cable, taking stress off the internal wiring.  The metallic color is very aesthetically pleasing and cool to the touch. The lightning end is boxy, measuring 1 1/8″ long by 7/16″ wide by 1/4″ thick.  Unfortunately, the end is too square and you cannot use this with some cases like Catalyst or Lifeproof. Naked devices will charge perfectly well with this cable, as will more open based cases.  You will notice the Marvel Logo conveniently placed onto the connector end of the lightning port.  The USB-A end is designed to be a little artistic, with an angled end nearest the cable.  The InfoThink logo is nicely placed on both sides of the connector.

The cable itself provides a techie feel, which does remind me of Rocket.  With the included keychain/cable reel, you definitely get a feel for the character.  I love the idea of the keychain, the picture of Rocket and his name largely printed along the bottom.  However, the reel component does not really work that well.  The back of the keychain has a clip that has 2 openings.  Each of these openings is designed to accommodate the cable.  Ideally, you could loop the cable for management purposes.  However, this clip essentially turns the cable into a shape similar to a bolo tie.  If you are looking for an MFI certified cable that will charge/sync your devices at maximal speeds, this device may be the one for you.  If you have a case with a rounded lightning port, this plug will not work for you.  I would rate the cable at 4/5 stars.

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