Rocabi Luxury Weighted Blanket

9.7 Rocabi Luxury Weighted Blanket REVIEW


  • Very soft
  • Helps with anxiety and body aches


  • More expensive than traditional blankets
  • A little difficult to transport/store
Ease of Use

A luxurious way to sleep comfortably.

Over the past year or so, I’ve been working on improving my overall health. I’ve done some research and reviewed what I’m doing in my life that could be improved. One factor that has continued to come up is quality of sleep. There are several things that a person can do to improve their sleep — stop drinking caffeine, exercise, make sure your bed is the right type for you — and one thing I found that can really change your sleeping habits is a weighted blanket.

The concept of using a weighted blanket when you sleep isn’t so far off of the theory of how weighted clothing can be a comfort, too. Traditionally, weighted clothing is offered as assistance for those who are undergoing resistance training, but people who study autism and other developmental disabilities, suggest that sensory integration therapy can have a calming effect on those who are over-stimulated. It’s said to have the same type of effect that a hug does. The Rocabi Luxury Weighted Blanket ideal for problem sleepers who are looking to reduce anxiety. According to Rocabi’s website, the blanket is like ‘being hugged by a tamed Bengal tiger’. The cover of the blanket is luxurious, silky soft and has the feel of a mink’s ultra soft coat. It’s 100% polyester micro-fiber and has a short pile to make it feel as soft as cashmere.

Rocabi Luxury Weighted Blanket REVIEW

The weight of the blanket comes from 100% hypoallergenic, odorless, eco-friendly, non-toxic glass beads. It’s engineered to be 10% of your body weight. The beads are sewn into the fabric between two layers of cotton. It adds mass to the blanket and allows it to ‘hug’ the user. Because the weight comes from the beaded material, it will spread over the body evenly. Rocabi’s weighted blankets are large in size (60 x 80) and can fit a queen sized bed. They come in varying weights (15 – 25 pounds) and it’s recommended that you choose the blanket that is approximately 7-12% of your body weight. This customizes the deep touch stimulation effect for each person. For example, I got the 20-pound blanket and we wanted my grandmother who only weighs 100 pounds to try it to see if it would help her sleep more soundly. Unfortunately, it was a bit too heavy for her and ended up making her feel confined instead of secure.

Rocabi Luxury Weighted Blanket REVIEW

For me, the blanket has been very soothing. I’ve used it many times while napping in my favorite recliner and several times overnight. The only issue I’ve really had with it is that it can cause me to overheat a bit. The weight does actually have the calming effect that it claims to and I’ve noticed an additional therapeutic benefit, too. I suffer from arthritis in my legs and over the years, I’ve really found that pressure on the problem areas helps to soothe my aches and pains. So not only does the weighted blanket help with anxiety and eases you into a comforting sleep, but also I’ve found that it helps with some body aches, too.

Rocabi Luxury Weighted Blanket REVIEW

The blanket is incredibly soft and beautiful. It has the feeling of luxury and looks great. There is a removable cover that can help with overheating as it’s more breathable. I did find that this helped a bit with the heat issue I had without it, but the weight of the blanket still caused more heat than one of my standard blankets. Aside from the overheating issue, the only other problem I had with the weighted blanket was storing it when not in use. The glass beads inside the blanket make it a bit hard to fold and transport from place to place.

Rocabi Luxury Weighted Blanket REVIEW

Even though it’s more expensive than a traditional blanket, the weighted blanket from Rocabi is a great alternative for those who have trouble falling and staying asleep. I had some great benefits from using it and I think others might, too.

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