Road Watcher iOS App is an app that is intuitive and easy to use.

We live in a very litigious society. We are a culture that started with a strong work ethic, work hard to make a living, to build up your life and to succeed. This unfortunately has deteriorated over the past few decades. It seems that many people want the quick way, want the easy option. Instead of dealing with problems like adults, it turns into an I will sue you world. Honesty and integrity are harder to find and many of us have been forced into a cover your butt mindset. People are wearing body cameras, drivers are using cameras/recording software. In-dash cameras can be rather expensive. So, why not use the smartphone technology to our advantage? I cannot fault anyone for wanting to protect themselves or what they have worked hard to obtain. Here is why you need this app.


Road Watcher is a video recording app that you can download from the IOS store. The app utilizes your built in camera and turns your phone into a dash cam. A simple dash mount or windshield mount will work wonderfully for this app. Simply place your phone into the mount and have the app running. In landscape mode (I recommend this mode) you have the date in the top left of the screen, you have the display for record rate in frames per second (fps) and you have the speed of your vehicle (unless deactivated in settings). I will tell you that I noted my speedometer read about 5 mph slower than that of the phone. This happened X 3. My tires are standard size and appropriate for my 2011 Silverado. I initially thought about taking my truck in to evaluate my speedometer, however updating the app made the app much more accurate.

Road Watcher iOS App Review

There are 4 available on screen buttons. Along the bottom left, is a camera button that allows you to take a photograph. This is self explanatory. Use this to catch a license plate or other point of information. This is saved to your photo roll. In the center bottom you have a record button. Depress the button and a start time is entered onto the top left and date stamped as well. You can access these recordings again later by pressing the Mountain icon in the top right.

Pressing the 3 horizontal lines button along the bottom right, will take you to a settings menu. From here, you can adjust the quality of recording from low, to normal to best. I did not appreciate much difference from normal to best other than the battery drained much quicker. Low quality was not that great. You can change the duration of record. If you have a 10-15 minute drive you can adjust the record time and capture the drive. No issues on your way to work/play, no problem. Simply record again and older segments will be over-recorded. This is the beauty of continuous loop recording. You can adjust the fps of the recording, you can activate/deactivate audio recording, black and white mode (you see color as it is recording but it saves BW video), speed control (do you want your speed to register in the top left of the video?), change unit of measure km/h vs mph. There is a slider under speed which alerts you to when you get above a certain speed. Exceed the speed limit you set and an alert will sound (unless you deactivate it under settings). You can change the camera from front to back, add a fade screen (no thank you), and you can change between map modes standard, satellite and hybrid. Back on the home screen, you can select the mountain icon in the top right and it will take you to the library.

Road Watcher iOS App Review

You can change the max record time, you can change the number of segments (max of 5). I have a 64GB iPhone 6s Plus. I have set my recording to 5 segments and 15 minutes. It takes me about 30 minutes to get to and from work. Thus, this will give e 2 segments to and 2 segments from work. So far, there has been nothing to report, no reason to save any of the videos. This is a nice way to stay hands free and less distracted as your device is actually doing something for you. I certainly hope that you will never need this data. However, it will be there if you do, to vindicate you. This app really surprised me. You can go back and watch the videos, you can tap the show on map icon bottom right and it will show you where on the map you were. It will show you your max speed. In the top right is an icon that has 3 circles linked by lines. Touch this and you can save the video to your camera roll. Your camera should not sleep while recording. This will drain your battery pretty quickly. IF you can, charge the device while using this app.

Road Watcher iOS App ReviewYou are your most valuable asset. Protect yourself with this road watcher app. Perhaps you or someone you love may need this data. This app is really easy to learn, easy to use and really does provide a service. There was an update 2/9/16 which seemed to make the speedometer more accurate. I will say that this did make a difference. I was unable to get the recording and music to play at the same time, from the device, even turning sound recording off. Either way, this is an app that is intuitive, easy to use and the continual loop recorder aspect is wonderful for data management. You do not have to remember to delete useless things. Now remember to save the important ones. The biggest downside so far is, if a call is made the video stops recording.

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