Rivet is an effortless affiliate Link Toolbox for iOS

Revenue options for website owners has evolved the past few years. Working in marketing, I have some knowledge of what web advertising was several years and what is like now. There was a huge influx of website advertising (pop-up ads, etc.) and that started to hurt website traffic. Basically, it was a turn off to anyone visiting a site. Because of this, the evolution of revenue for website owners has turned to affiliations. When you are an affiliate of a company that sells goods, you can earn a commission off of sales that are made using your personal code. It’s a rather ingenious way to bolster sales as well as send some revenue to the website that is promoting your products.

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At MacSources, we have taken to this method when it comes to adding to our revenue stream. We feel that it’s as unobtrusive as advertising can be and it gives us the opportunity to really promote the items we believe in. The issue we run into has to deal with our workflow when incorporating these affiliate codes into our website seamlessly and doing it efficiently. Some of the methods of creating links are very time consuming and they just don’t work with mobile devices. Fortunately, there is a wonderful app for iOS devices called Rivet that makes this process very painless.

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I do a lot of writing from my iPad Pro and creating links is just painful without the aid of Rivet. The developer claims that Rivet is an effortless affiliate link toolbox – and it truly is.

The first thing you do when you start using Rivet is to enter your affiliate codes. You visit the app’s Settings and set up your codes under Program Configuration. You can not only set up codes for sites like Amazon, but also for Apple’s iTunes Affiliate program. Rivet even supports multiple affiliate referral codes (for pro users) and gives you the option to add campaign identifiers, too.

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Rivet detects links that have been copied to your clipboard and adds your code to it. You can share directly from Rivet and even enhance your posts with product images. There is built-in support for iOS 9 Spotlight and Handoff so links can be transferred over to your Mac.

What makes it different then other affiliate linking apps is that it does not have an option for searching the iTunes store from inside the app. Instead, you search in the App Store and then open the item inside Rivet. The other major difference with Rivet is that the app finds/suggests images to use with the app or products when you share them. You can use these or choose your own to include.

Rivet is the best option I’ve found for sharing affiliate links with your iOS devices. It’s easy to use and really speeds up productivity within website workflows.

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