A modular electric option for a customized skateboard.

In the new world of electric skateboards there seem to be new brands emerging every day. There are bigger companies like Boosted Board and Action and smaller startups like StarkBoard that are pushing their new modes of transportation to a well-established community of skateboarders. Over the past couple of years, I’ve really taken note of these different companies and their products because it’s of special interest to me as a skateboarding enthusiast. The big question is, “What sets each company apart?” Each of these companies use longboards and they all have motors — some using a single wheel motor while others use a dual-wheel motor — but really, what are the nuts and bolts behind them?

World of Electric Skateboards

While at CES this year, I saw quite a few electric skateboards but the only company that stood out from the rest was a small company in Eureka Park called Ride Unlimited.

Ride Unlimited offers a special modular solution for those who want an electric skateboard, but want to use any board they want. The product engineers at Ride Unlimited have designed a robust powertrain kit that allows any skateboard or longboard to be converted an electric board in minutes. There are three different kit configurations:

  • Solo Kit: Single drivetrain
  • Cruiser Kit: Single drivetrain with a dual battery
  • R Kit: Dual motor drivetrain with a dual battery

World of Electric Skateboards

Ride Unlimited’s mission is very simple: to bring electric skateboarding to everyone while keeping their individual style and flavor intact. They provide the world’s first plug-n-play electric skateboard powertrain for users to add to any board they want.

Visiting with Ride Unlimited reminded me of the days when I skated. Skateboarding is an art form and a way of expressing oneself. Years ago, when I was heavy into skating, I kept a backpack with me that had extra bearings, screws, bushings, riser plates, and a skate key. I would have to tighten my own trucks, pick out my own board, put it together, and yank it apart — over and over again. In my opinion, this interactivity is something electric skateboards today has lacked. The ability to pick a board you like, put your game face on, sit down and make the skateboard your baby.

World of Electric Skateboards

Needless to say, many people won’t understand this if they don’t skate or skate as long as I did growing up. Until now, you had to purchase electric skateboards at a package deal. There were no options for customization or personalization. Now, with Ride Unlimited, you can add-on a modular electric kit to your pre-chosen, personal skateboard.

Ride Unlimited is currently taking pre-orders for their modular kids and will be shipping to the U.S. and Europe in the Spring.

For more information, visit rideunlimited.co.
Find Ride Unlimited on Facebook and Twitter.

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