Tweetbot was released for Mac today. We have been waiting patiently for its arrival and it is not disappointing. Our favorite functions of this app includes muting conversations and disabling retweets.

Muting conversations allows users to silence, or ignore, the conversation rather than deleting the user from those you are following. The function allows conversation to be silenced for pre-determined periods of time. I find this very useful for those who over-post the same topics time and time again. I want to remain friends with them and continue following them, but don’t want to see the same post 20 times within a 24-hour period. Hashtags are also able to be muted.

Disabling retweets is also a great function of Tweetbot. With this function, users have the option to create a tweet and turn off the retweet setting for a particular post. I think this is useful for cases when you want to notify your followers of news in your life, but don’t want anyone to pass it to their followers.

The one downside to Tweetbot is the price, but there is a very good reason for its price. Twitter has a ‘token limit’ for Tweetbot for Mac so the developers set the price higher to recoup the loss they may have experienced from the amount of apps they are allowed to sell.

We can strongly recommend this app for those who use Twitter for business or personal use. Tweetbot is also available for iPad and iPhone, too.