Released on September 11, 2012, PandaBar is changing the way we listen to Pandora in our house. Pandora is a great music streaming service, but it seems unnecessary to keep Safari or any other Internet browser open just to listen to music. That’s why we were glad to find PandaBar.

PandaBar’s utility in the menu bar makes it easier than ever to access your Pandora music. PandaBar also utilizes Apple AirPlay (Mountain Lion, only) and Notification Center. Right from the menu bar utility, users can skip songs, change stations and create new ones. To use it, you simply purchase the app and then input your account credentials.

PandaBar is a clean, easy to use music player utility that I recommend to any Pandora listener. It can be downloaded through Apple’s App Store for $4.99. Even at that price point, it is well worth it.