In my search for an app that serves as a coupon manager, I stumbled upon an app called “My Mini Wallet.” My Mini Wallet is a step above Track My Coupons in that it the coupon manager includes an option to include a picture of the coupon. My Mini Wallet still requires users to input coupons manually instead of integrating a scanning option.

I actually consider the coupon manager to be inferior to the one in Track My Coupons because of the amount of information that is included. The only information for the coupons is a Label and the Expiration date. Then, users can include a picture, which of course, can highlight more information of the coupon. This function is very useful, but in Track My Coupons the information about the coupon (percent off, dollar amount off, etc.) seemed essential. In My Mini Wallet, all of that information has to be included in the Label.

In addition to the coupon manager, My Mini Wallet also has an option for gift cards, receipts and memberships. AND, a feature I have yet to use, the app also has a geo-locate function to direct users to a store that will use a stored item.

I really like how the design mimics an actual wallet. The app also gives the secure option of adding a log in code. It’s easy to use and for a free app, it does a really nice job of compiling a lot of information into one place. Even though My Mini Wallet doesn’t quite fit the bill for my coupon manager, I do like it an plan on using it. My Mini Wallet is currently only available on iPhone and on version 1.2.