I recently stumbled upon the app, “Digital Receipts.” The concept of the app is that when you go to a store, you receive a ‘tag’ from the store and when you check out, your receipt is sent to your phone rather than it being printed. Unfortunately, I can’t exactly write a review for it. You see, the app is currently being tested with only a few retail locations in California.

I wanted to write a little about this app because I think the concept of it is brilliant. There are a lot of apps available for users to scan or take a picture of receipts, but I haven’t come across one that beams the receipt directly to your smart phone. One of the reasons I like this concept so much is because I save my receipts until I can reconcile them with my bank statement. For quite some time, I was keeping all receipts in envelopes for years – you know, for those ‘just in case’ thoughts. But, I now know that most establishments can recall receipts especially if you pay by credit card. With this type of app, saving paper receipts would be obsolete and I would get back my much needed wallet space back.

While the e-receipt feature is the primary function of this app, it also includes an option for Loyalty Cards and Saved Coupons. The interface looks similar to the Google+ app on the iPhone. It’s clean, efficient and easily understood.

Digital Receipts was released on November 17, 2011 for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. I look forward to being about to utilize this app once more stores are available.

NOTE: The rating I gave is based off of how it seems to handle. The design is smooth and it seems to run quickly.