With the national average price per gallon of gas being $3.89, people are finding different ways to save money. Coupon clipping may seem like something from a different generation, but it has evolved to the digital age.

Many users search for digital coupons aimlessly and don’t utilize specific sites. Digital coupon sites are a dime a dozen. Most of them are a cluttered mess and make it impossible for users to find what they are looking for. That is why many people default to web searches. Luckily, there is couponchief.com.

Couponchief.com is a digital coupon site that is clean, user friendly and up-to-date. When a user first visits the site, there is a search function on the home screen along with featured stores, most used coupons and new coupons. Couponchief.com not only makes it easy for users to find coupons, but it also gives users the option to make money through the ‘pays-2-share’ function.

Pays-2-share encourages users to submit current coupons for the community and gives a percentage of sales to the user when others use it. If you are looking to save some money and aren’t sure where to look, visit couponchief.com.