Tech up your dog walking experience with the Dr. Prepare Retractable Dog Leash.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, technology is defined as the practical use of science and knowledge.  Interestingly, if you ask someone to define the word, they will likely describe one of the current electronic devices.  Truthfully, technology reaches every aspect of life, to include something as simple as walking a dog.  A standard leash and collar may work for some circumstances, but for others, a retractable leash may be more convenient.  When you consider the need to pick up your pet’s waste, to provide water, and food/treats, you will likely need to carry a backpack or a diaper bag.  The Mease Pet Retractable Dog Leash combined a sturdy structure, a retractable cable, a detachable walking light, and a comfortable grip to create the Highlander of leashes, one device to rule them all.

Mease Dog LeashT
he Mease Pet Retractable Dog Leash was attractively displayed within a clear blister pack shell.  Across the top left, I found the company logo and a small pug adjacent to the title and a few details of the retractable leash.  The Mease pet device promised utility for dogs up to 70 pounds,  provided a solid and reliable metal buckle, used ABS material in the handheld reel and provided an ergonomic “humanized design, fashionable and generous.”  The reverse panel provided many of the same product descriptions as the cover but expanded upon the specifications.  As noted in the title, the retractable leash was capable of being let out and withdrawn.  The rear side of the device provided a molded handle and a conveniently located thumb lock.  Attach the latch to the metallic loop on the dog collar/harness and enjoy up to 5 meters of lead.  Once your dog has achieved the optimal distance from you, simply press the thumb button lock.  When you are ready for your animal to return to you follow the steps in reverse.  You can press the button as your dog walks back to you, ratcheting the lead steadily as they return.  Beneath the specification section, the company provided an additional cautionary subsection.  There were some obvious spelling errors within this section, but nothing that prevented the user from understanding the meaning.  The company warned against rapid retraction of the buckle, as the metallic buckle could potentially cause issues as it returns. Secondly, they recommended a shorter leash for your dog, if you were in more dangerous locations.  They also recommended against grabbing the lead, never wrapping the strap around your arm, to avoid opening the reel, to avoid leaving the dog unattended on the leash and to prevent contact with children.  It is unfortunate that these warnings must be printed upon the packaging.  However, as a parent, I truly understand the dangers.  I think I spend 90% of my day trying to keep my children safe and alive.  

Dr. Retractable Dog Leash
I have tested a few varieties of retractable dog leash and prefer the flat straps to rounded straps/cables.  The first feature that one must assess is the poundage on the reel.  If you purchase a device designed for a bigger dog, you risk harming your dog as you retract the lead.  If your dog is too heavy/strong, you risk breaking the device with sudden jerking movements.  One must be cautious with the retracting buckle, as it carries a significant amount of kinetic force.  This force may be enough to break glass, skin and perhaps a smaller bone like a finger or a smaller pets leg.  The lock on this device proved to be well placed, responsive and was easily manipulated single-handedly.  The carry handle measured 2 inches wide at the top, 3 inches at the bottom and measured 4 1/4 inches tall.  There was a small hook located along the bottom edge of the reel, for pet waste bags.  Usually, you can find little plastic reels with bags at your local Walmart, PetSmart or Dollar stores.  Atop the device, I found a three AAA 9LED light, which provided more than adequate lighting for a nighttime walk or hike.  As an added bonus, the light was detachable.

Overall, the device functioned admirably.  The speed of retraction could be tempered by holding in the reel lock.  The carriage handle easily accommodated a variety of hand sizes and the thumb lock was easily manipulated.  The biggest downside that I found was the weight.  The Mease device (reel and light) weighed 14.10 oz without batteries and 15.23 oz after I added three AAA batteries (not included).  When I removed the light, it weighed 12.06 oz.  The heavier weight became noticeable after prolonged walks.  Even though the device weighed less than a pound, I had to continually grip the handle.  With standard leashes, you can place your arm through the strap and use your hand when necessary. This device needed a clip to attach to a bag/belt, for those times that you may need your hand.  In this case, if you let go of the handle, doggone! 

Mease Retractable Night Light
Despite my critique, the device worked very well.  I turned to Amazon and read 3-4 different reviews of this device.  One of the commentators noted that his large dog broke the leash, as it ran away from the owner.  The device I received clearly stated across the top, to use the device for dogs up to 70 pounds.  Another commented about the reel breaking after ten uses.  I have used my device around 25 times for short and medium length walks, with my Boston Terrier Puppy.  She is light and nowhere near the 70-pound listed maximum and I have found the device to work well.  I was previously using an extra small retractable leash, purchased from PetSmart, with a rounded cord.  The cord continuously wrapped around her legs/body with a collar or with a harness.  I found the round cable to annoyingly tether and tangle, whereas the flat strap from Mease did not do that.  Regarding the negative commenter on Amazon, it is possible that a defective device was shipped.  The company promised a limited warranty, which may have accommodated that individual.  My review is more positive as I had a good experience with the product.  Should this change, I will comment on the review.