A heavy-duty camera for all-around security.

Security can be an expensive investment if you let it get away from you. My fiance used to work for her family’s business — video production — and their office had thousands of dollars of high-tech equipment stored in it. They were a small business — only 6 employees at the time — and even though they were quite successful in their own rite, security was still an added expense that effected the bottom line. They were using a monitoring/alarm service that would tie into police services if needed. There was a period of time that there were a series of false alarms caused by a small rodent.

Once that issue was taken care of, the false alarms stopped, but they were charged for the multiple alarms that were set off and it became a burden. Imagine if they had had the option of WiFi camera systems at that time. They could have easily pulled up the camera feed and seen that there was no concern. This is one of the main reasons I like Reolink and their security camera line-up. Until now, I’ve only tested out their wireless camera options. This review though focuses on the RLC-422, a PoE Security IP Camera, which is ideal for office environments.

Reolink RLC-422 PoE Security IP Camera REVIEW

The RLC-422 camera looks like a typical security camera. It’s designed to hang from the ceiling or a wall and the camera points downward. Right away, I was impressed with the ‘build’ of this camera because it’s both waterproof and vandal-proof so you can use it outdoors as easily as indoors. The camera has an IP66 waterproof IP rating and an IK10 vandal resistant rating. The RLC-422 was built tough and can withstand external mechanical impact and most inclement weather situations.

The RLC-422 has a 1080P full HD video camera included within its case. The pixel resolution is 3072 x 1728. The camera has an impressive 4X optical zoom and an auto focus lens. The viewing angle is 33-98 degrees and you can utilize its infrared LEDs and IR Technology for night vision. The RLC-422 can view images at long distances (up to 100 feet at night) and it has motion detection triggered alarms in the accompanying app.

Reolink RLC-422 PoE Security IP Camera REVIEW

One of the features I appreciate the most about Reolink camera is how easy their set-up process is. For the RLC-422, you should plug it into Ethernet and power for set-up, but it connected to your local WiFi after that. Because this is a PoE camera, you only need one network cable for both the video feed and power transmission. This feature comes in handy because you only have to hide one cable, instead of two.

The RLC-422 is designed to be installed on the ceiling and as such, Reolink includes mounting screws and a paper template for you to mount the camera’s case to. Before you do this step, I would recommend that you set-up the camera with your network and mobile app. You can do it after you mount it, but since it’s recommended that you connect the camera directly to your router before your WiFi, unless your router is very close to the camera’s location, you will need a very long Ethernet cable. Reolink does provide a power cable extension, but only a shorter Ethernet cable.

Reolink RLC-422 PoE Security IP Camera REVIEWReolink RLC-422 PoE Security IP Camera REVIEWReolink RLC-422 PoE Security IP Camera REVIEW

Once you have the camera connected to power and your network’s router, you open the app on your phone and after you tap the “+” symbol to add a new device, you scan the QR code on the side of the camera. This pulls in the device’s information so that your phone can connect to the camera. Once the camera is added to the app, you can then add your WiFi network/password through settings and disconnect your camera from the Ethernet cable.

After the camera was set-up in the app, I was immediately able to start viewing video. Function for the RLC-422 is very similar to the other cameras I have — Argus Outdoor/Indoor Security Camera and Keen Indoor Smart Home Camera. From the app interface, you can view a preview of the camera’s surrounding and then interact with the cameras individually. There is even a multiple camera viewing set-up if you have more than one Reolink security camera. When you are viewing the video feed for the RLC-422 it’s important to remember that the camera will not rotate on its own. You do have the option to remove the case and move the camera’s lens as needed.

Reolink RLC-422 PoE Security IP Camera REVIEW

The video feed is very clear in daylight or darkness and because Reolink makes an easy to use app, it’s very easy to call up the RLC-422’s video feed and capture either video or screenshots of the events happening at that moment. There is no cloud recording service option with Reolink, but you can record events to your phone or to and SD card (depending on the camera). Even though you can use them at home, I think the RLC-422 would really shine as a business security camera.

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