Keep track of your home or office with the Keen camera.

There are plenty of reasons to protect your home with a camera system — burglary, trespassing, nanny-cam — the list goes on and on. On a personal note, we have WiFi cameras not only to protect our belongings but also to protect each other. My grandmother lives with us and she isn’t quite a mobile as she once was. I like to have the camera’s set-up around the house so that if we are away from the house, I can turn them on and see if she is safe. No matter the reason, you really can’t go wrong with having at least one camera in your home.

When you start looking into WiFi cameras,  you will find that many of them aren’t true wireless cameras. Most of the models I’ve seen require wiring to be powered. This has always been frustrating to me because it really limits where you can place your cameras. Fortunately, Reolink, a company that specializes in security solutions for the home or office, has a Wire-Free smart home camera — the Keen.

Reolink Keen Indoor Smart Home Camera

Keen is a 100% wire-free, battery-powered indoor smart home camera for all your security needs. It has a lot of great features like:

  • 2-way audio — listen and talk in real time
  • 1080p HD camera
  • Pan 355º and Tilt 105º
  • Real-time alerts (push and email)
  • Live view available on smartphone
  • Micro SD card option
  • Plug & play set-up
  • High-quality night vision (up to 40 feet)

Reolink Keen Indoor Smart Home CameraWith the camera being battery powered, I had my reservations about how long that would last. According to the specs from Reolink, Keen should have up to 180 days standby time. It runs off of CR123A standard lithium batteries. Another great feature of the Keen is that it comes with a PIR sensor for motion detection. This sensor will detect any human motion within 26 feet of the sensor. You have the flexibility to control the sensitivity of the PIR sensor on the back of the unit. The sensor automatically pairs to the camera and sets off an alarm when motion is detected. To get it started, you only have to remove the battery pull tab from the battery compartment. When you do, be ready for the alarm to sound.

The packaging for the Reolink Keen camera is fairly standard for what I’ve seen with security/WiFi cameras. It’s a nice branded cardboard box with the basic features of the camera included on the back. When you open the box you first find the quick start guide. Directly below the QSG, are the motion sensor and mounting accessories for the camera. Finally, you come to the camera body itself. It’s generously wrapped in foam for safe shipping. The camera isn’t much bigger than a coffee mug and its shape sort of reminds me of the Russian Matryoshka dolls. Wall mount accessories are included for both the motion sensor and the camera, but the camera could easily sit on top of a cabinet or desk.

The set-up of the camera is some of the easiest I’ve seen. First, you install the batteries. Then, you will hear a voice prompt from the camera telling you to run the Reolink app. The app is free to download from iTunes or Google Play. Once you have the app installed you will be directed to scan the QR code on the back of the camera to link it to the app and your phone. At this point, you will need to indicate within the app that you have heard the voice prompts from the camera and you will also need to enter your WiFi password. Once you get through the WiFi connection steps, you will need to set up the rest of the camera settings including a device password. All in all, it only took me about 5 minutes to get the camera set-up.

Reolink Keen Indoor Smart Home Camera Reolink Keen Indoor Smart Home Camera Reolink Keen Indoor Smart Home Camera

The video feed of the camera looks very good. There is very little lag/delay between the video feed and what is actually happening in the room — it’s less than a second delay. As I mentioned above, the camera has a Micro SD card slot, but you don’t have to use it. When you record your video feed, it ends up saving to your smartphone’s photo library. This was a very welcome surprise to me. I love the idea of not having to worry about accessing a video from a cloud drive somewhere or retrieving it from a memory card. This feature makes it very easy for users to save and view your video feed quickly.

Reolink Keen Indoor Smart Home Camera Reolink Keen Indoor Smart Home Camera Reolink Keen Indoor Smart Home Camera

In addition to the Keen, Reolink is currently working on an Indiegogo campaign for the Argus, the world’s first 100% wire free weatherproof 1080p Full HD Security Camera. Argus is the ‘sister’ camera to the Keen and it strips away all the complexity of home security. There’s no expensive installation and no hassles. The Argus sets up in minutes and is 100% wire-free. It’s sleek design live streams full 1080p HD video right to your smartphone (via the app) and keeps everything in its view with a built-in motion sensor and 130° viewing angles. The Argus is weatherproof so you can place it anywhere, including outside your home. It has magnetic mounting capabilities and features two-way audio so you can hear and talk to unwanted visitors or even your loved ones. Argus still has 17 days left in its Indiegogo campaign but has already met its funding goal. If it’s anything like the Keen, I think we can expect to see the outside our homes protected as well as the Keen protects the inside.

The Reolink Keen WiFi Camera is a wonderful addition to any home or office. It’s super easy to set up and I’ve not experienced any major issues with connectivity. The fact that it’s wire-free makes Keen an even better option for security. Its price is in-line with most other WiFi cameras with the same type of features.

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