Do you hate date stamps in photographs? If yes then you are not the only one. There might be several reasons behind your will of removing the date stamp from photos. There are several tools that can help you to remove date stamp from photos.  But not all of them easy to use for beginners and they are very complex in features. Today we are going to guide you step by step on How To Remove Date Stamp From Photos? You need not worry if you don’t have a PC with you. You can do it from your Android Device too.  Let us explain to you how:

Why Remove Date Stamp From Photos?

Date stamp photos really become a headache whenever you have to upload photos without a watermark on Govt. sites or other platforms. Usually, there are some cameras with the date and time stamp as default in their settings, mostly on Android device cameras. This can be easily turned off by navigating to settings of the camera. A photo with the date and time stamp is not that irritating but when you require a photo without a watermark or any stamp then it really becomes a concern. Here are some possible reasons that you might need to remove the date stamp from photos:

  • You need to upload a photo on your resume where you require a neat and clean photo.
  • Date and time stamp is covering a small detail of your photo that you want to show your friends.
  • You want to print that beautiful photo of yours but the date stamp is creating a nuisance as they don’t look good on printed photos.

Software To Remove Date From Photo

As told above there are many softwares available over the internet that claim to remove date stamps correctly but fail to do so in various aspects such as some of them lower the quality of the photo and some are so complex to use. Well if you are also confused about “How To Remove Date From Photo?” then you have reached the right page to do so. Recently I was also on the hunt for such software that would help me in removing date stamps from the photo without compromising with quality. To my surprise, there is none available over the internet that does it without affecting the quality of the photo. Then one of my friends suggested me Photo Stamp Remover. 

This tool is a result of awesome work done by the developers. Also, this tool becomes handier when you have to remove the date from an entire album of photographs. You know how simple it is. just upload the photo, highlight the date stamp and you are good to go.

The best of the features that I liked the most in watermark remover were:

  1. You can choose the color of the date stamp by yourselves
  2. No traces of Date stamp are left behind
  3. You can remove date stamps from photos in Bulk.
  4. The tool is not for removing datestamps only you can also remove Scratches, unwanted People, and objects from the photos without any hassle. 

How To Remove Date Stamp From Photo With Photo Stamp Remover 

Without wasting any time let us move to the steps that will guide you in removing the date stamp from the photos easily.

  1. Open the Photo Stamp Remover tool and click on Add File to upload the photo
  2. Choose the stamp by color. You can do it manually but If you have multiple colors then you can use a color selection tool that will automatically detect the colors. 
  1. Click on “Remove Button” and Save the result. 

Batch mode allows you to remove the date stamp from your photos in Bulk. Here are steps how to do so:

  1. Use the color selection tool to detect the color from your photos. 
  2. If there are multicolor date stamps on your photos then you can choose the colors manually. You can choose colors manually using the “Select Marker” button. 
  3. For more accurate results you can use features like “Border Fuzziness” and “Color Fuzziness”

This tool is so easy to use and loaded with features. You can also remove blemishes and scratches using this tool. Once again thanks to its developers. 

Some Other Ways To Remove Date Stamp From Your Photos

There are some other ways also that will serve your purpose. Let us discuss them.

1. Using Photoshop

Photoshop is a very big and complex tool to use for beginners, but it can also remove date stamp from your photos using a healing brush or patch tool. Here are the steps which can help you in removing date stamp from your photos using photoshop. 

  1. Select the magic wand tool in photoshop and expand the selection by a pixel
  2. Apply patch tool on the selected area
  3. The date stamp will be removed

The results from the photoshop might not be good enough but are also not so bad. The quality of the photo also remains the same.

2. Using the Photos App In Windows

Photos app is present in your Windows 10 PC by default. This application can also help you in removing the date stamp from your photos. Let us tell you how:

  1. Open photos application on your PC
  2. Then Go to Crop and Rotate and Navigate to Adjustments.
  3. You will find the Spot Fix feature there. 

This feature is not very precise. 

3. Other Ways To Remove Date Stamp From Photos 

There are other methods too which can help you to remove date stamps such as cropping your photos or using certain blocking tools but we won’t recommend as the results are not so precise and the quality of the resulting photos is also very poor. So they are not worth trying. Also you may try photo to use photo restoration software to fix your photos.


Date stamps are not that irritating as they also help in remembering dates of photos clicked and memories come back.  But sometimes we require photos without a date stamp then we need to remove the date stamp from the photos. We have tried to cover the best method and software to remove date stamp from photos easily without reducing the quality. If you are having difficulty in removing date stamps still, then you can tell us in the comments section we will surely help you there.