Remocam Home Security Camera has a simple set-up and great features.

There are many reasons to have a home security camera – keep an eye on the nanny, watch out for intruders, look after your home while you’re out. For me, I like to have security cameras to keep an eye on my grandmother as well as my property. She isn’t as light on her feet as she used to be and I can’t be home 24/7. So, I turn to security cameras, WiFi cameras to be exact, to be able to be in two places at once. I’m always on the lookout for cameras that have good features, blend into the landscape around it, and function well. Remocam is the latest camera I’ve come across that provides a lot of features and a great visual when I’m away from home.

Remocam Home Security Camera Review

Remocam was designed to be smart about protecting and leave a small footprint on your home. The body of the camera measures 5.5 x 4.2 x 4.1 inches, which is smaller enough to fit just about anywhere. It is packed with features including;

  • Live Feed
  • Pan & Tilt
  • Motion Sensor
  • HD Resolution
  • Smart Home Capability
  • 256-Bit AES Encryption
  • Night Vision
  • 2-Way Communication
  • Siren Alarm
  • One Minute Setup
  • Local Recording
  • Cloud Recording

Remocam Home Security Camera Review

I really like devices that set-up quickly. This is not more true than with smart devices that have to connect to not only your WiFi network, but also to your phone. Sometimes those devices have lengthy set-up or connection issues, but Remocam did not. To get started, you just need to pull the Remocam out of the box and plug it into power. No complicated installations or assembly required.

The next step is to set-up your free account with Remocam and create a nickname in order to get the camera connected to WiFi. This step was the only one that I didn’t really like much. In order to connect to WiFi your phone must be connected to the network you want to connect your camera to and then a QR Code is displayed on your phone’s screen. From here, you hold the phone up to your Remocam’s lens so that it can scan the image. If it successfully scans the code, it connects quite easily to your network. If not, there is no alternative way to connect the camera. I much prefer the option to connect smart devices through your phone’s Settings app.

Remocam Home Security Camera Review

That being said, once I had our camera connected to the network, there was a very nice picture on the live feed shown on the app. There is a simple screen that shows the feed from the camera and basic settings (motion sensor, save to Cloud, save to SD card, push notifications) for the camera. When you tap on the camera feed window, you are taken to a new screen that has the option for Live Feed or Remote. The Remote option allows you to add additional remote devices. Remocam has an IR sensor built into the device itself, which allows you to control other devices, like your television, from your camera and the Remocam app.

For my purposes, I did primary testing of the app and the video feed. I really like that the camera can rotate on command. It’s helpful for monitoring spaces – especially when you are concerned for someone’s safety. I found the quality of the video to be above average. Some of this depends on the quality of your Internet connection, but I’ve had some WiFi cameras that just have horrible, low-quality video. Remocam’s video feed is very good. I also like that you have the option to save your video to a Cloud service (subscription-based), or your own Micro SD card inserted into the back of the camera.

Remocam Home Security Camera Review Remocam Home Security Camera Review Remocam Home Security Camera Review

While on WiFi I had no problems connecting, but when I was on LTE, I had a little bit of a connection issue as shown in the image above.

While testing out Remocam, a couple of things really stood out to me. First, the large knowledge base that Remocam has built up for reference. To access it, you simply visit the support page on the website, or the support menu option in the app. While the amount of information available is wonderful, there is a small glitch on the website where you cannot scroll down the page. The same information is available through the app, so if you need it, I would recommend accessing it there.

The other feature I really like that stands out to me is the viewer option. Most WiFi cameras either only allow a single user account connected to it or each user has to create their own account. Remocam has made the process of multiple users very simple. You create one Remocam account and then log into that account from different smartphones. Then you create a nickname for each viewer. This is a very clever way to deal with multiple users in my opinion.

Remocam Home Security Camera Review

Remocam is a very capable smart camera with a lot of different features. I really enjoy using it and appreciate it’s simple set-up process. This would be great for any sort of monitoring of your home or small office.

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