Revolutionize your doorway with the RemoBell, wireless video doorbell

I am rarely home. Between work and recreation, I don’t spend a lot of time at home, but that doesn’t stop friends and family from stopping by to visit or FedEx from delivering my packages feeding my Amazon addiction, but I would like to know who was at my home and when. It’s not that I am a control freak and have to know everything. I just like having that sense of security, whether it is keeping an eye on a package that was delivered while I am out, the neighborhood kids playing ding dong ditch, or that pesky family member that just drives by at random times. I would like to be able to see what’s going on when I’m not around without an unsightly security camera and not come home to a note stuffed in my door. To me, that just screams to everyone that something shady is going on here, also it just looks tacky and trashy. I wanted a simple and good looking solution.

RemoBell Wireless Doorbell

For me, a video doorbell seemed to make the most sense for my situation. I have looked at several of the major video doorbells in the market and the downfall for me is that I don’t have the infrastructure from a previous doorbell. This means I would have to install completely new electrical lines myself or pay an electrician. If you add that price up with the price tag associated with a video doorbell you end up throwing a nice chunk of money at something that should be fairly affordable for the common person. After a little searching, I found what I was looking for.

RemoBell Wireless Doorbell

The RemoBell by Olive and Dove, Inc. fits nicely into all of my criteria. It looks stylish, doesn’t take up a lot of space, and provides me with a video doorbell that doesn’t include wiring at all. The RemoBell works off of 6 AA batteries (6 rechargeable batteries were included) meaning you can put it anywhere and do it safely. While it is bigger than a traditional doorbell it does look more stylish and surprises most people after they ring it for the first time. Setup is quite simple. Just download the app and follow the prompts. I tried initially to set it up without charging the batteries to no avail. It wouldn’t work correctly with the app. After putting in fully charged batteries it worked flawlessly. Attaching it to the house was simple as well. You attach the backing plate where ever you want with the included hardware, slide the RemoBell onto the plate, and screw in the security screw and you are good to go.

RemoBell Wireless Doorbell RemoBell Wireless Doorbell

Using the free app is easy as well. You can even save the video files to the cloud. Once someone hits the doorbell you are alerted on your smartphone. You can accept or decline the incoming video. After accepting the call, you get full audio and video of whoever is at your door. You get a pretty good field of view so that if they step to the side you can still see who it is. I found that having the RemoBell and a smart lock comes in quite handy especially if you have a girlfriend who frequently locks herself out of the house. She can hit the doorbell tell you that she locked herself out of the house and you can unlock the door for her — all from your phone. The RemoBell does have a motion detection setting which means anybody in your front porch or even your mailman walking by delivering your mail gets caught on camera so you can see if anybody’s going through your mail, taking a delivered package, or any other number of scenarios. I did have to turn down the sensitivity because the notifications got a little annoying after the first day, but it’s nice to know that I have that option.

RemoBell Wireless Doorbell

Now that I have the RemoBell installed and working, I really don’t know how I’ve gone so long without it. In just a few short days it’s become indispensable and I can never go back to the old ways.

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