FM Transmitter provides easy to use hands-free solution for the car.

When I was younger, changing out a car stereo was a good way to kill a few hours and be productive. Now, sadly, not so much. Between the hassle of pulling a whole dashboard out and with newer cars having integrated climate control and stereo it’s too expensive and can be a bit daunting. Burning your own CD’s can only go so far. I want to be able to use whatever media device is available to fuel my driving music needs. I looked for a smarter, simpler solution that would be easy to use and install.

Raeiie solved my dilemma with their Portable FM Transmitter. As the name states, it is portable and will work with every FM stereo, but it is geared directly for the car. The transmitter is powered by a car power port with a 2.4 amp/ 5 volt USB slot to keep your media playing device charged at the same time. I didn’t have a problem charging my iPhone or iPad for the port, and it charged faster than I could use the battery while playing music and running background apps.


The cord between the power plug and the transmitter is about two feet long giving you more cord than you need while mounting the transmitter. The AUX cord from the transmitter is a little on the short side at around only 1 foot. I mounted the Portable FM Transmitter on my dash with the included adhesive pad. I did have to mount a little higher up on my dash to be able to plug into my iPhone while in my car mount.

Operating the Portable FM Transmitter is simple and straight forward. After plugging in the car power port and plugging in my iPhone I powered on the transmitter. We don’t have a lot of FM radio stations so I was able to scan and get a clear and static free connection pretty quickly. With only two buttons for frequency up and down it’s not hard to get the hang of operating it within seconds. I got lucky and found a clear channel within a few stations. My first station did eventually get some static, but the quick fix was to go up a bit on the frequency.


The transmitter does work for hands-free calls, but I don’t recommend it due to the microphone not being as good or better than about any smartphone. Raeiie provided me with a simple and unobtrusive solution while still looking pretty decent and being very simple to operate.