Bluetooth transmitter works well, but fails after battery dies.

In my search to play my music from my phone through my car stereo without changing anything, I’ve tried out various solutions. I’m cheap and sometimes lazy, so any easy answer will usually do. I wanted a wireless solution to my music listening problem. I still wanted something stylish and aesthetically pleasing on the eyes. I have an iPhone and I do like products that mimic the look and feel of Apple products.

REIIE Bluetooth Transmitter REVIEW

After coming across Reiie’s Bluetooth Hi-Fi Dual Mode Transceiver, my troubles and woes were over. With a mostly aluminum body and a  Bluetooth pairing button around the same size as a home button on any iProduct with a shiny bezel that looks like it was made by Apple, I fell in love with the design. Most products are about the function and no form. Small and lightweight, with a somewhat familiar design. It looked like it was made just for my phone. What more could I ask for?

REIIE Bluetooth Transmitter REVIEWWell, I could ask for perfect function, but not so much this time. At first, it was awesome. It was very easy to pair to my phone as most Bluetooth devices are. The pairing button had a nice surprise for me as well. It’s a black button that was backlit in a circular pattern much like a certain billionaire playboy who flys in the air with a metal suit. I was giddy. How much cooler could this Bluetooth Transceiver be? Not only did it function as a receiver from my phone to my car stereo, but it transmitted the sound from my television to my pair of Bluetooth headphones. It literally did everything. With two 3.5 mm jacks (one to receive and one or transmit) this transceiver was a must have for my home and car. It was something I didn’t even know that I needed completely.

The initial battery life out of the box was about an hour. After that, my heart dropped heavy as I plugged it in the USB a lot in my car happily waiting for it to charge. The product information provided states that it would work while charging, sadly, no dice. Oh well, I could wait and rough it with FM radio and CDs. After getting home I took it inside to place on a smart charge so would be ready for my next adventure or jaunt to have fun around the house with it. After several hours of charging the device wouldn’t power on. After several attempts to charge it from different outlets and charging devices, I realized that it was dead. No more joy. Even though it’s life was short lived I shall miss the few glorious moments of freedom I had with it.