Reformator gives photographers an efficient way to batch edit images.

reformator-2Looking back at my photo library, I have thousands of images that are untouched. They have names like IMG0092 and some are too dark to recognize because of the low available light that was used when the photo was taken. Such issues can be corrected, but can also take a lot of time if it has to be done shot by shot. Reformator for Mac by Overmacs is the answer to this problem. Reformator helps photographers to convert photos, edit file names and add watermarks as a batch process. There are no other apps like this on the market. There are some apps that will allow to complete batch processes, but not to the degree that Reformator for Mac does.

Some of the key features include:

  • Beautiful design and fast processing
  • Comfortable photo browsing and multi-criteria searching of photos
  • Conversion to popular image formats (RGB/CMYK/Grayscale)
  • Construction of file names using text and tags
  • Watermarking with image and text
  • Image resizing, scaling and trimming
  • Color adjustment
  • Metadata correction

reformator-3Reformator is also a great tool to browse through your photos. In testing Reformator for Mac, I only used a handful of photos to adjust and convert, so I can’t speak to how Reformator would handle large amounts of photos for browsing, but the app includes a browser with 3 panels that show image info, groups and search. It’s very helpful for photo organization.

I’ve worked with many apps that will complete a batch conversion, mostly for image size. I’ve not had any issues with them, but Reformator takes batch conversion to an entirely new level. First of all, if all of the pictures in a certain group are too dark, you can add an adjustment filter to the group and turn up the exposure of all the photos in the group.

reformator-1I was very impressed with how easy this app is to use. When you load a photo, or group of photos, you can immediately review the metadata. Once you have reviewed the photos you want to change, you continue to the next screen. During the next step, you select how you want the file named, what image format you want it to be, the color model and color depth. Then you can dig deeper by adding actions like color filters, size geometry and watermarks. Once you are happy with the product, you select ‘convert’. The process only takes a few seconds – depending on how many photographs you are converting. One really nice feature of Reformator is the side-by-side comparison tool. It show the before and after images and is wonderful for fine tuning adjustments.

I can highly recommend Reformator for Mac to any photographers to add to their toolkit. It’s very easy to use and includes a lot of extra options that other batch converters don’t. It is available for download in the Mac App Store starting today, August 19, 2014 and has a launch discount price of $7.99.

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