Reformator for Mac Update Review:

New Metadata Editor really improves functionality.

Reformator for Mac Update Review 3I work with a lot of different image design and control apps, but the most important ones have to deal with compression. We have thousands of images on and the most valuable ones are the product images we share with our reviews. We try our best to make sure the website is optimized and loads quickly so that our readers have a good user experience. Part of ensuring that experience includes image compression. We want to make sure that images are small enough that they don’t bog down the website, but we don’t want to lose the high quality standard we set for our photos. Reformator for Mac helps us to accomplish a high-quality compression for all our photos.

Reformator for Mac by Overmacs is a bulk image converter with a lot of great customizable options for output. You can change your images file names, add watermarks, change size and resolution and even remove private metadata.

Reformator for Mac Update Review 4Recently, Reformator received an update to version 1.2.1. This update added to the long list of options within the app to include the Metadata Editor. Metadata describes the contents and context of a file. You are probably familiar with the information that a camera adds to a photo that shows the date and time the photo was shot. Well, that’s the image’s metadata.

By including the Metadata Editor in Reformator, Overmacs has added a very powerful option for users. You can now include geo-tagging (GPS coordinates), capture date correction, remove private tags, add keywords, copyrights and ratings to all your images. These new features also include the ability to show a GPS location on a map.

Reformator for Mac Update Review 5In testing out this new feature, I opened up a product image and decided to add in a GPS location and tags to the photo. Just like other options within Reformator, you simply click on the ‘+’ sign to add a filter and then select Metadata from the drop down menu. From here, you can select any of the options you would like to see added to your image’s information. I chose ‘GPS Location’ and a small map appeared in the side bar. The default location is somewhere in California. To change this, you can either drag the smaller map to your desired location, or you can click on ‘Show Larger Map,’ which allows you to search for your map point by typing in an address or city/state. Once you have found your location, you simply right-click in that area and the GPS location is set for your image’s metadata.

Reformator for Mac is a really great option for batch conversion and editing. It exports a superb quality of images and is very easy to work with. To celebrate the new functionality, Overmacs is currently offering Reformator for 33% off its original price. They also offer a free trial on their website.

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