A wireless receiver for mirroring and streaming phones or tablets

Reflector 2 for Mac by Squirrels allows to wirelessly mirror the content from your device to the big screen. It serves for so many use cases, that you might want to immediately implement it into your daily routine. You can send the video from your iPhone to your Mac, you can record what’s on your phone or tablet, or you can send your screens directly to YouTube for others to watch live.

Reflector 2 Mac App REVIEW

The only thing you need to get started with Reflector is to enable iOS device mirroring to your computer. To make it just swipe up from the bottom of your iOS device screen to bring up Control Centre, tap on the AirPlay menu and choose your computer’s name.

The screen of your device shows on the Mac screen immediately.

Reflector 2 Mac App REVIEW

If you decide to record the video, you have a possibility to adjust the settings.

Reflector 2 Mac App REVIEW

For me the major use will be recording a gameplay footage. By the way, you can try playing the game on mobile while watching on a bigger screen, that would take your gaming experience to the next level.

Reflector 2 Mac App REVIEW

Or you can also just stream movies, play music or share photos to Reflector from your tablet or phone. Take the benefit of Reflector in your business as well – the app can become your default presentation solution to display your work to the big screen. Take Reflector to the events and meetings and you won’t need to search the right connector or input source.

Try the Reflector 2 screen mirroring app for free. The trial is a full-featured mirroring app with a watermark that disappears after purchase.

DOWNLOAD – Reflector 2 – $14.99 (One license is required for each computer running the Reflector 2 screen mirroring app.) – Mac OS X
The pricing allows organizations, schools and businesses to purchase large quantities of Reflector at significantly lower prices.
For more information, visit reflectorapp.com/
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