One man’s vision reflected in the world around us.

Even though it’s been seven years since Steve Jobs’s death, the world continues to be influenced by his vision of what it could be. Today marked what would have been his 64th birthday. Those of us who are thankful for what he brought to this world take time on this day to reflect on his life and what it meant to all of us. Apple CEO, Tim Cook, sent out the following tweet as a tribute to Jobs’ birthday.

Steve Jobs Birthday

After reading Cook’s thoughtful tribute, I, too, think that Jobs would be happy with the direction technology is taking and the part it plays in all of our lives. His revolutionary device, the iPhone, changed the course of civilization as we know it. Because of the iPhone, Apple’s competitors brought their own smartphones to market and caused a mobile device revolution began. Because of that movement, the world suddenly became more digital — almost overnight it seemed. I will forever be grateful for the contributions that Jobs gave our world. Because of his devotion to making things better and creating products that enhanced our lives, we can stay connected with loved ones like never before. That is a lasting legacy that we can all appreciate.