Sure, new technology appeals to everyone but what about the old models collecting dust in the storeroom? How do you recycle your laptop or smartphone when you have used it for a while? 

If tossing them into the garbage is what pops into your mind, that’s the worst thing you could do with the old technology. Most components combined to get the hi-tech end product are toxic in nature. North America generates millions of tons of electronic waste every year and with every new gadget, the number goes on increasing. 

To ease our lives using these gadgets we are creating e-waste at striking rates. Proper disposal of these wastes becomes essential to manage their impact on the planet.

Through this article, we’ll inform you about the two popular practices to dispose-off your old tech the right way. It will help you keep the environment cleaner and get rid of things you do not need anymore. 

Take-back Programs

Instead of dumping all of your old technology into landfills, check if the manufacturer takes back the used product. Leading companies such as Apple, Dell, Sony, and Toshiba are promoting take-back programs. 

Here’s the gist behind these programs, you buy a product from any manufacturer that supports the concept. Then at the time of disposal, simply take back the device to them. This protects the environment as the companies can then refurbish the parts and use them in other products. 

Some dealers only accept products produced by them whereas others accept a wide range of products.

The 3R Approach– Reduce, Reuse, Recycle for e-Waste Management

This practice includes three elements; Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. These elements tactfully alleviate the amount of waste that we produce. Here’s how the trio proves to be useful in controlling e-waste at your home. 

  1. Reduce: This step focuses on reducing the purchases ergo the production of newer gadgets and equipment. Think twice before upgrading to the recent versions. This not only saves the environment but is also good for your wallet. In simpler words, the process of reduction involves creating less waste. Which takes us to the next step of the waste management cycle. 
  2. Reuse: Take the old tech pieces you planned to get rid of and refurbish them. Not necessarily to their previous state but to something useful. This benefits you and the environment. How? When you throw away your old gadgets the information you entered in them may get compromised. But if you reuse the same gadget, it’s one less thing to worry about. At times when it is not possible to ‘reduce’, reusing old parts is the second-best option.
  3. Recycle: The last phase of the process is recycling. Electronics are easily recycled in factories. After the collection of waste from your home, the factory workers sort out the different parts of the gadget. Separating the working and reusable items come second followed by the parts which must be recycled. These components face several processes to form a new part or item altogether.

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