Take the difficulty out of meal planning.

About 10 years ago, I embarked on a journey to get healthier. I wanted to lose weight and actually become a more fit version of myself. I ended up choosing to join a health club (Curves) that had an entire system built around an individual’s goals. That system worked for me. It took a lot of time and meal planning on my part to find the right formula for my single 20-something self. 

Now, here I am in my 30s (almost my 40s) and I’ve been struggling to find a good balance between meal planning and free time that I desperately lack. As a result, I turn to my smartphone (as many people do) to find a solution. There are hundreds of meal planning apps available and it’s easy to get lost in that sea of possibilities. That’s why I’m glad that Recipe Calendar fell into my lap. It’s a meal planning app that was originally designed for Android users, but is now also available for iOS users as well. 


Recipe Calendar is an app that is designed to take the time out of meal planning. It coordinates and schedules meals from the comfort of your phone and helps to provide you with weekly menus, individual recipes, and even a grocery list option. This app helps to keep diets healthy and diverse so that meals don’t get boring or stagnant. It provides arranged weekly menus in categories such as easy, complex, dietary, vegetarian, and more. The app is easy to use. You simply choose or create a meal plan, use the grocery list for shopping, and cook the meals according to the directions. 

Recipe Calendar for iOS REVIEW

Recipe Calendar is free to download with a ‘pro’ option. The pro option is a paid service that auto-renews through a user’s Apple ID.

  • Pro Version: $4.99
  • Pro Version with Discount: $1.99
  • Pro Version Monthly: $5.99
  • Pro Version Quarterly: $8.99
  • Pro Version Yearly: $18.99


As the description outlines, Recipe Calendar is remarkably easy to use. You select a plan (or create your own) and then get to work. To get the most out of this app experience, you first need to select your preferences. Under the General heading, you will select things like units, scale, how many people the meals are for, and various other reminders. You can also choose certain filters like how long it takes to cook a meal or the price of a meal from your search results. Finally, there is an entire preference menu for allergens. This is really a great way to maximize your experience with the meal planning feature because you can really narrow it down to just meals your family will enjoy.

Recipe Calendar for iOS REVIEW

My favorite feature of this app is the shopping list. When it’s time to create your shopping list, you only have tap ‘create’ and the items will populate to your shopping list directly from your meal plan. This was always one of my biggest ‘time wasters’ when I was manually meal planning — organizing my shopping list. The app takes that work out of your hands and it’s really refreshing. 


The only thing I don’t like about this app is the pricing structure. Instead of five different ‘pro’ versions, I would rather see one-time fee to be able to unlock all features. I think the auto-renewal feature of paid-for apps is misleading and very easy for people to forget about. 


Aside from the pricing structure, Recipe Calendar is a really solid app. I can recommend it to anyone who is looking to make meal planning less difficult. 

For more information, visit recipe-calendar.com or Facebook.