In this issue of Recap in Tech News – Twitter Mutes Followers, Apple Acquires LuxVue, PayPal Uneffected by Security Bug  and Apple Awarded $119 Million from Court Case.

Twitter Mutes Followers
Twitter has enabled a new feature called ‘mute’ that allows users to turn off tweets from certain friends while still following them. Twitter is currently testing the feature with a small selection of users, but is anticipating a system-wide rollout very soon. If you are apart of the select few to have this feature now, it will be visible at the top of the list in settings.

Apple Acquires LuxVue
Apple has disclosed a deal to purchase LuxVue Technology, a small technology company that focuses on micro-LED displays. The amount of the acquisition is unknown as are Apple’s motives. Micro LED technology is a new field of display science that could eventually lead to OLED displays.

PayPal Uneffected by Security Bug
PayPal officials have announced that the OAuth 2.0 and OpenID security vulnerabilities have not impact on PayPal users. In a statement given by PayPal’s Chief Technology Officer, James Barrese, the electronic payment company said, “We take the responsibility of keeping your financial details protected very seriously at PayPal. When PayPal implemented OAuth2.0/OpenID, we engineered additional security measures to protect our merchants and customers. These measures protect PayPal customers from this specific OAuth2.0/OpenID vulnerability.”

Apple Awarded $119 Million from Court Case
The legal battle between Apple and Samsung took another turn this week when a U.S. jury ordered Samsung to pay $119 million to Apple over their global-spanning mobile litigation. In turn, Apple had to pay Samsung $150,000 for infringing on the patent of on of Samsung’s mobile phones.