In this issue of Recap in Tech – Apple Pay to Release Tomorrow, Yahoo Releases Flickr for iPad, Apple Removes Bose from Retail Stores, and Snapchat to Begin Ads.

Apple Pay to Release Tomorrow
The much anticipated Apple Pay is set to be released tomorrow, October 21, along with iOS 8.1. Some important things to note about the extra special feature include the Apple Pay only works with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus at this time. As a reminder, Apple Pay will not store private information. Every credit card scanned will be added to the phone’s Passbook where it is assigned a unique device account number. The information is stored within a Secure Element Chip within the device.

Yahoo Releases Flickr for iPad
Yahoo released a version of Flickr this weekend customized for the iPad. This version is also optimized for Retina displays. The app noted as Flickr 3.2 can be used with the iPad Mini 2 and 3, as well as the iPad Air and the new iPad Air 2. The app can display high resolution images up to 3,000,000 pixels per photo. Flickr 3.2 supports landscape and portrait mode.

Apple Removes Bose from Retail Stores
Bose, which is one of the gold standards for audio speakers, has been recently removed from all Apple stores. Some of the reasons remain unknown for the relationship separation, but it could have to do with the Bose vs. Dr. Dre’s Beats Electronics lawsuit regarding noise canceling patents. Whatever the reason, Bose products will no longer be found within Apple’s stores.

Snapchat to Begin Ads
Mobile messaging app, Snapchat, is set to begin running ads within it’s free app. The ads will be stored under the Recent Updates tab and users may choose to watch them or not. Snapchat execs said they want to deliver a fun and informative experience, but don’t want to make users feel like their privacy is being invaded. Ads are set to disappear within 24 hours after they are viewed.