In this issue of recap in tech – iOS Users Spend More than Android on Black Friday, Sony Quietly Pushes Smartwatch to Crowdfunding, and Nintendo to Release Game Boy Games to Mobile Devices.

iOS Users Spend More than Android on Black Friday
Some data from IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark reports have shown that 20% of sales made on Thanksgiving Day from handheld devices were made from iOS devices compared to 5.6% of from Android devices. IBM tracks 800 online retail websites and 8,000 brands. The average spending of Apple users was $118 versus $95 from Android users. Director of IBM Smarter Conference said, “Apple has a strong hold on online shopping. iPhone and iPad buyers tend to be slightly more affluent and more comfortable with technology.”

Sony Quietly Pushes Smartwatch to Crowdfunding
For several months, Sony has been testing consumer interest in an electronic paper-based watch. The Wall Street Journal has announced that Sony quietly placed their pet project into a Japanese crowdfunding site, Makuake, in September. The watch project is called Fes Watch. It uses electronic paper for the watch face and strap. There are 24 options for a display pattern. Within three weeks, the project surpassed its goal. Sony has yet to announce a release date.

Nintendo to Release Game Boy Games to Mobile Devices
Nintendo is planning to release its older generation Game Boy games to tablets and smartphones. As of right now, there are not definitive plans for roll-out, but the rumor has gamers and mobile users alike excited about the prospect. Nintendo is reportedly working on an emulation that will revolve around the programming technique allowing the video game console to copy the original video game console.