In this issue of Recap in Tech News – iPhone Leads Smartphone Sales, Google Fiber Coming to Portland, Omaha to Receive 1-gigbit Internet, Playstation 4 Profitable for Sony and California Approves Driverless Cars.

iPhone Leads Smartphone Sales
According to Counterpoint’s Market Monitor, the Apple iPhone is the number one selling smartphone with three of the top four mobile networks in the U.S. Apple and Samsung are the top sellers for smartphone (2/3 of the entire smartphone world market). Verizon and AT&T report that 50% of their smartphone sales were Apple iPhones while Sprint and T-Mobile show 1/3 are iPhone users.

Google Fiber Coming to Portland?
With the appearance of job openings for Google Fiber in Portland, Oregon there is much speculation that the high-speed broadband service will arrive in that community soon. If there is validity to the speculation, Portland could see the Internet service arrive as early as 2015. Google Fiber has shown three tiered packages for the fiber service. The basic plan includes free Internet access while its competitors (Comcast) require customers to pay more than $200 a month for bundled services that include cable, phone and Internet.

Omaha to Receive 1-gigabit Internet
Cox Communications has chosen Omaha, Nebraska, one of the company’s oldest cities, as the first recipient of its 1-gigabit “super speed” Internet service for residential customers. Cox Communications reports that the pricing for the service will be ‘competitive’ with similar offerings. CenturyLink, a rival company, began offering 1-gig residential service in 2013 for approximately $80/month with other bundled services. Cox Communications hops to have the super speed service available everywhere by 2016.

Playstation 4 Profitable for Sony
While the company is still projecting a loss for 2014, the Playstation 4 is proving to be profitable for Sony. The PS4 has more traction than the PS3 and is closing in on the PS2’s sales. Sony has high hopes with the launch of PlayStation Now and Sony’s cloud-based TV streaming service.

California Approves Driverless Cars
Google’s self-driving cars has officially been approved as road worthy by the California DMV. The driverless cars’ testing rules were adopted earlier this week. As of September 16, 2014, manufacturers must apply for an autonomous driving permit from the state of California after undergoing an autonomous driving course.