In this issue of Recap in Tech News – MacSources Hits 700th Article, Apple is set to buy Beats by Dre, Mozilla plans to launch ‘sponsored’ tabs and Gmail gets a facelift.

MacSources Hits 700th Article
This Recap in Tech News is a special edition because it marks the 700th article we have published here at MacSources. Thank you to all of our readers who continue to read, comment and share our work with others. 

Apple Set to Buy Beats by Dre
In somewhat of a bizarre move, it was announced this week that Apple intends to purchase Beats by Dre for $3.2 billion. This acquisition would be Apple’s largest to date and is leaving many people asking, “Why?” While Apple’s acquisition department has been purchasing companies and products left and right, this move just doesn’t seem to make sense, unless it’s for the Beats Streaming Music Service that was just launched earlier this year. Beats was founded by music mogul Jimmy Iovine and producer-rapper Dr. Dre. The two came up with the idea when they noted the decline in sound quality ushered in by Apple’s iPod/MP3 era. Apple and Beats did not comment on the news, but it’s reported that the buyout could be as early and next week.

Mozilla to Launch Sponsored Tabs
Mozilla has a plan in place to launch “Sponsored Tabs” within Firefox. When a user opens a new tab, they will be greeted by nine boxes or ‘tiles’ with screenshots of the user’s most visited websites. This plan is currently in the testing phase and Mozilla assures users that while it will use information about their location to provide relevant content, no other user information will be collected or considered.

Gmail Gets a Facelift
Google is in the testing phases of some UI development for Gmail. The report is that a brand new menu based system will integrate the user’s desktop and Internet browser more while eliminating Google’s tabbed email system. Google Hangouts will also become part of the new Gmail interface as well as a new ‘pinning’ system. There is currently no release date for this update.