In this issue of Recap in Tech News – Lego Fusion combines virtual reality and reality, Google I/O Conference Begins This Week, and Google and Microsoft introduce ‘kill’ switch.

Lego Fusion combines virtual reality and reality
Lego has come up with a new expansion kit for its ever popular building block sets – Lego Fusion. With Lego Fusion, children may build their brick set and then play with them in a virtual world available in an iOS or Android app. Fusion kits are designed for kids 7-12 years old and include 200 individual bricks. Lego Fusion has four initial play kits – Town Master, Battle Towers, Resort Designers and Create and Race.

Google I/O Conference Begins This Week
The Google I/O Conference is set to start this week and the rumors are circulating – particularly about a Samsung Android Wear smart watch and a potential mini Android-powered tablet. If Samsung announces a new smart phone at the conference, this will be the first time a product of this nature will run Android Wear. The mini Android tablet has been rumored since the beginning of May. The conference runs June 25-26. For more information, visit

Google and Microsoft introduce ‘kill’ switch
Following Apple’s lead, Microsoft and Google are set to introduce a “kill” switch on their smart phones so that if a phone is stolen, users can remotely lock the phone or turn it off. After only six months of the Find My Phone feature being added to iPhones, thefts fell between 24-38%.

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