In this issue of Recap in Tech News – Bose Lawsuit Filed Against Beats, Apple Buys “Pandora of Books”, TorrentTV Comes to Apple TV and Amazon Fire Phone Available at AT&T.

Bose Lawsuit Filed Against Beats
Taking a page from the Samsung playbook, Bose has filed suit against Beats headphones for alleged patent infringement. Bose filed the lawsuit Friday, July 25 in the Federal District Court in Delaware over patent infringement of its noise-cancelling technology. Beats uses the same technology in their headphones. Bose also filed a complaint with the International Trade Commission to hopefully stop Beats from importing its headphones with noise-cancelling technology from China.

Apple Buys “Pandora of Books”
Apple iBooks users may begin seeing better recommendations soon since Apple purchased BookLamp. The acquisition took place earlier this year and was kept secret until recently. It has been reported that Apple paid up to $15 million for the company and its employees. BookLamp analyses the text of books and makes suggestions to users in a way similar to how Pandora suggestions songs based off of listening preferences.

TorrentTV Comes to Apple TV
A new torrent streaming service has landed on Apple TV. TorrenTV allows users to stream their own torrents to the Apple TV by using the app. The app works through drag-and-drop technology and can be streamed through AirPlay to the Apple TV. TorrenTV for Mac is currently in Beta form.

Amazon Fire Phone Available at AT&T
Amazon’s first smartphone, the Fire Phone, is now available at AT&T Retail Locations. Before now, it’s only been available by order through and Amazon is also reporting that Amazon Appstore selections have nearly tripled over the past year.