In this issue of Recap in Tech News – Apple Event Scheduled for Sept. 9, Vine Releases Editing Tools and Apple and American Express Agreement.

Apple Event Scheduled for Sept. 9
It’s official…we are getting an Apple event on September. The technology company released a teaser ad for media that read “9.9.2014 – We wish we could say more.” Experts agree that the bar is extremely high for this event as Apple fans anticipate the newest iPhone model, a wearable and news about an iPad refresh. No details have been confirmed, but September events is historically when Apple has announced new iPhones. With 2014 being the 30th anniversary since the Macintosh was released, we’re all expecting something BIG. Stay tuned to for more information.

Vine Releases Editing Tools
Vine is fighting back against Facebook-owned Instagram by including a new suite of editing tools for users. Until these tools were made available, Vine users were limited to only posting videos with very minor edits available. Now, users can shoot videos in lower light, mute sound and even duplicate scenes. These changes have come to market quickly since Instagram launched the Hyperlapse feature.

Apple and American Express Agreement
While it has not been officially confirmed by Apple, the latest report is that credit card company, American Express, has entered into an agreement with the technology company. The details of the agreement are not publicly known, but it would be a logical move for Apple if mobile payments were going to be announced at the September 9th event.