In this issue of recap in tech news – Tim Cook Takes Ice Bucket Challenge, Google Acquires Jetpac, Facebook Testing “Satire” Tag, Facebook Losing Top Executive and Intel and 50 Cent Develop Heartbeat Tracking Headphones.

Tim Cook Takes Ice Bucket Challenge
Apple CEO joined the Ice Bucket club this past week as many celebrities have been doing. The Ice Bucket Challenge is meant to bring awareness and raise funds to the disease ALS, also known as Lou Gerig’s Disease. As a part of the challenge, the recipient dumps a bucket of ice cold water and publicly challenges three more people to take the same challenge. The Ice Bucket Challenge has taken social media by storm as hashtag #IceBucketChallenge consistently trends on Twitter and celebrities post their Ice Bucket videos online. Tim Cook’s challenge yielded a challenge back to Bob Iger of Disney, Dr. Dre and Michael Franti, who he ices during the video. As of August 12, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has yielded more than $4 million in donations. For more information on the challenge and the ALS, visit

Google Acquires Jetpac
Google has purchased Jetpac, a company that specializes in image recognition for an undisclosed sum. Jetpac City Guides iOS app has been a successful project of the company, but that app has been removed from the app store due to Google’s purchase of Jetpac. It’s unknown whether or not Google plans to integrate the image recognition technology in its searching services or not.

Facebook Testing “Satire” Tag
Facebook seems to be trying to help its users distinguish between real news and satire news sources. The social media mogul is testing out a ‘satire’ tag to posts that are funny stories that aren’t true. They are testing the new tag on the satirical news site like, The Onion. It seems that Facebook is attempting to prevent the same response it recently received when the algorithm deception went public disclosing that Facebook was collecting information from over 700,000 users.

Facebook Losing Top Executive
Facebook’s Vice President of Product Management is leaving the social network. Sam Lessin joined the Facebook team in 2010 when the social media network acquired Lessin is described as having ‘mixed emotions’ on leaving Facebook. He is considered a ‘high profile’ employee and was one of the main employees involved with the implementation of the “Timeline” feature of Facebook. There is no mention about what Lessin is planning on doing upon leaving Facebook.

Intel and 50 Cent Develop Heartbeat Tracking Headphones
Rapper 50 Cent and technology company Intel have teamed up to develop headphones that work with fitness tracking apps. BioSport In-Ear headphones use an optical sensor to monitor a user’s heart rate and send the information through the headphone cable to an app running on a smartphone. The headphones are based on Intel’s smart earphone design which was unveiled at CES this past January.