In this issue of Recap in Tech News – Twitter Has Large Amount of Inactive Users, Spotify Partners with Sprint, Samsung Looking Beyond the Smartphone and Amazon Developing Smartphone.

Twitter Has Large Amount of Inactive Users
There is a new report citing that some 44% of Twitter users have not tweeted. There are two kinds of users that don’t tweet – those who use it for headlines and news and those accounts that are fake. The report by Twocharts’ states that less than half of the 947 million users of Twitter have sent out a tweet. Plus, 43% of the 550 million active accounts tweeted more than a year ago. Twitter has not reported on the inactive members.

Spotify Partners with Sprint
Spring and music streaming service, Spotify, are expected to create a new partnership to bring free or discounted music to Spring users. Sprint is expected to announce this partnership during an event in New York at the end of April. Sprint users would be allowed to have a free trial of Spotify and pay for the service through their mobile bill. This service appears to be Sprint’s answer to their biggest competitor, AT&T who announced a partnership with streaming music service, Beats Music earlier this year.

Samsung Looking Beyond the Smartphone
Samsung Electronics, which has reported record growth the past few years, is looking for new growth drivers beyond the smartphone. Industry leaders feel that the marketplace is saturated and that it’s time for a new “next big thing.” IT research and specialists predict that wearable technology will emerge as the next industry mover. Samsung has already ventured into that market with the Galaxy Gear last year. They have worked diligently to cut costs and be an industry leader. While they continue to battle with market rival, Apple, Samsung continues to look for new projects to enhance their brand.

Amazon Developing Smartphone
Amazon is reportedly entering the mobile phone market with a 3D smartphone later this year. The phone, which is currently in Beta testing, will more than likely be announced in June with a release later in September. Prototypes have been with developers in San Francisco and Seattle, but not much is known about the phone other than its 3D capabilities. Amazon has been strengthening its hardware portfolio with the releases of the different versions of Kindle and more recently the Fire TV. A mobile phone is the next logical step for their portfolio.