In this issue of Recap in Tech – Uber Adding Panic Button, Robot-staffed Hotel, and Samsung to Release Compact Camera.

Uber Adding Panic Button
Popular transportation service Uber will soon have an additional safeguard in place. Starting February 11, Uber riders in Indiia will have an in-app panic button to notify police if something is wrong. This feature will roll out in India. There will also be a ‘safety net’ feature that will allow riders to share their trip details with family and friends. These have been put into place after recent attacks on Uber riders.

Robot-staffed Hotel
Artificial intellegence is evolving quickly in the world and humans will soon be able to co-mingle with robot beings in Japan. Huis Ten Bosch plans to open a modern, robot-staffed hotel this July. The plan will reduce operating costs and allow humans to be greeted and served by human-like robots. The Henn-na Hotel (Strange Hotel) will be a two-story hotel with 72 rooms.

Samsung to Release Compact Camera
Technology company, Samsung, will release an affordable compact camera in March. The camera dubbed NX500 will feature a 16-50mm power zoom lens and a 3-inch Super AMOLED with Touch Screen. The portable, thin NX500 also features a resolution of 28MP and it records 1080P video. When the camera is released in March, it will carry a price tag of $799.