In this issue of recap in tech – Amazon Adds HBO GO to Fire TV, Facebook Losing Market Share among Teenagers, and Sony’s Cyber Attack Reveals Security Issues.

Amazon Adds HBO GO to Fire TV
Amazon added HBO GO to its growing list of apps and services available for Fire TV that support voice search. In order to take advantage of HBO GO, Fire TV users must have an HBO subscription through participating affiliates. HBO GO is currently only available on the Fire TV and will be available on Fire TV Stick this coming spring. Since launch, Amazon Fire TV has more than quadrupled its selection, with over 700 apps and games now available. With the addition of HBO GO, Fire TV customers now have access to over 1,700 titles including every episode of new and classic HBO series, as well as HBO original films, miniseries, sports, documentaries, specials and a wide selection of blockbuster movies.

Facebook Losing Market Share among Teenagers
A recent report from Frank N. Magid Associates, Inc. show that young adults aged 13-17 year-old social media users in the United States on Facebook slipped to 88 percent during 2014. This was a 6 percent drop from the previous year. During the same period, Twitter users of the same age group rose in popularity. Facebook’s user base tends to be older, with 55 percent of Facebook Messenger users being 37 or younger.

Sony’s Cyber Attack Reveals Security Issues
Not only did the cyber attack against Sony prevent a film from being released, it also revealed a lot of security issues. One of the worst ones is that the U.S. Government and businesses still can’t collaborate effectively to deter cyber-attacks. It added fuel to the fire over whether and when the government should take responsibility for protecting private companies. U.S. President, Barack Obama, promised to retaliate against North Korea for the Sony hack, which seemed to answer the question about whether or not the government should step in on such matters.