Recap in Tech – Flipboard purchases Zite, Apple leads smartphone sales, Google retires Nexus 7,  Instagram signs advertising deal, Apple CFO plans to retire and “Her” wins Oscar.

Flipboard purchases Zite
For sometime there has been a battle between the newsreaders Flipboard and Zite. This past week, Flipboard announced that it purchased Zite for $60 million (USD) and struck a content deal with CNN, who had purchased Zite in 2011. Flipboard CEO, Mike McCue said that Zite’s technology is what enticed the buyout. While it’s been a solid newsreader app, Zite has never really achieved the popularity that Flipboard has. Flipboard has stated that they plan to keep Zite in operation until the technology is pushed into newer versions of Flipboard.

Apple leads smartphone sales
Recent research from ComScore indicates that Apple leads the market in smartphone sales, while Android is the most popular mobile OS. Between November 2013 and January 2014, sales were measured and it was determined that Apple maintains 41.6% of the market share, while Samsung comes in second place with 26.7% of sales. As for the OS battle, Android has 51.7% of the market share, while Apple has 41.6%. The other mobile OSs in the market – BlackBerry, Microsoft and Symbian – pale in comparison to the two main companies.

Google retires Nexus 7
Google has announced plans to retire its 7-inch Nexus tablet in order to make space for an 8-inch version. Citing the reasoning that the 7-inch tablet market is ‘crowded’ for Google to grow. The technology company also made mention of releasing the Nexus 10 – 2 along with the Nexus 8.

Instagram signs advertising deal
Instagram, the photo and video sharing app, has signed a $100 million advertising deal with Omnicom. This marks the first ad agency enlisted by the social network. This new deal means the beginning of news feed-based advertisements for the Facebook-owned service. Instagram has a community of over 150 million users and about 55 million photos uploaded every day. Instagram executives state that the roll out will be slow and the the advertisements will be selective.

Apple CFO to retire
Apple Chief Financial Officer, Peter Oppenheimer, is set to retire at the end of September. Oppenheimer has been a member of Apple’s staff for 18 years and seen Apple’s revenue grow from $8 billion to $171 billion. In addition to this announcement of Oppenheimer’s retirement, it was also announced this week that he will be joining the board of Goldman Sachs and serve as an independent director of the firm. Oppenheimer will be a member of each of the firm’s Audit, Risk, Compensation and Corporate Governance, Nominating and Public Responsibilities committees.

“Her” wins Oscar
Technology made headlines in the world of filmmaking this week when Spike Jonze won an Oscar for best original screenplay. “Her” tells the story of an intimate romance between a man and an operating system. Other contenders in the category were David O. Russel for American Hustle and Woody Allen for Blue Jasmine.