In this issue of Recap in Tech – Pebble Time Most-Funded Kickstarter, Mobile World Congress Focused on Future Technology, and How Much will Gold Cost-the Apple Watch Edition.

Pebble Time Most-Funded Kickstarter 
Smartwatch manufacturer, Pebble, has broken Kickstarter records again. With it latest crowdfunding campaign for its second generation smartwatch, the Pebble Time, Pebble has raised over $16 million with more than 66,000 backers. The goal of this campaign was only $500,000, which was surpassed within hours of the campaign’s launch. The Kickstarter project still has 19 days until its expiration date and it continues to grow every day. Prior to this campaign, the Coolest cooler, which had raised more than $13 million in August, held the title of ‘Most-funded Kickstarter ever’.

Mobile World Congress Focused on Future Technology
This past week, the Mobile World Congress convention was held in Barcelona, Spain. It brought together more than 2,000 exhibitors and featured some wonderful new products and technologies that will continue to launch humanity into the future. Some of the highlights included Connected Cars, Discussion about transitioning to 5G, Smart Vending Machines, Virtual Reality and Smart Lighting. All of these topics point us to the evolution of technology and asks the question about when we will outgrow our current devices. For more information, visit

How Much will Gold Cost?
Tomorrow is when we finally get to find out the answer to that burning question – how much will gold cost you? Apple’s Live Event tomorrow promises to release the details for launch of the Apple Watch and even though we know they will start at $350, no one knows for sure what the other watches will cost and more importantly, how much the Apple Watch Edition will cost. There are speculations that it could go for as much as $20,000, but in reality, the amount of 18K gold that is found in the Apple Watch Edition is approximately half an ounce. As of today (Mar 8), the price per ounce of 18K gold is $876.53 USD. That means the half ounce that is found in the Apple Watch has a market value of approximately $438. Personally, I would estimate the starting price of the Apple Watch Edition to be in the $1,000-1,200. Tune in to our coverage of the live event here on