Raynor Ergo Elite Chair Review:

A wonderful chair that promotes better posture and helps with aches and pains.

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Back in 1997, I ripped the ACL in my left knee during a Taekwondo demo team practice. Because of that, I’ve had leg pain ever since. Fast forward and today I still suffer from pain in my leg and in my older age, back pain, too. For quite some time, I have been sitting in an office chair I picked up from OfficeDepot. It was a mesh office chair that did a great job for a few years. Before picking that up I had gone through so many leather office chairs and I would practically destroy them. To help with the pain, I tried pillows, leg props, and a bunch of other random things. One day while looking online for a better ergonomic chair I ran into the Raynor Ergo Elite. It looked like it would have everything I wanted in an office chair that I would be spending the majority of my time in. The only problem was there was hardly any reviews on it and it cost over $600. I could not justify dropping that kind of money on a chair without trying it out first after having so much bad luck with chairs I tried at local office supplies stores.

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I waited on picking it up for a year because of that and while shopping for an office mat at an office furniture wholesaler in my town, I ran into a demo model they had in stock of the Ergo Elite. It was brought in by them for a client to try out. I was in luck I could sit in it and see If I thought I might be happy with it. Boy was I disappointed. Not in the chair, but in myself for not ordering it a year ago when I first saw it online. The Ergo Elite did have what I needed in an office chair to take the place of my current chair and after placing the order from thehumansolution.com, one of most well-known resellers of the Raynor chairs, I waited patiently for it to arrive. It took about a week. UPS dropped it off and Robyn and I began setting it up.

Installation: It was very easy to put together the instructions are easy to read and understand. The hardest part of putting it together is using the Allen wrench it comes with.


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    Back & Head Rest.
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    The Ergo Elite ME22ERGLT Chair comes standard with a mesh seat, back and headrest.

  • Back recline resistance is easily adjusted via a tilt tension knob
  • Five-position back angle tilt lock can be locked fully upright, or in four different levels of recline
  • Adjustable arms and arm rests are height, depth and width adjustable to fit a variety of users and different postures
  • Waterfall edge on seat cushion alleviates pressure on lower legs and knees while seated
  • Mesh headrest is angle and height adjustable to support the neck whether upright or reclined
  • Warranty covers all working parts for the lifetime of the product
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Finished Chair.
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Price: At this point in my life, dealing with the constant pain in my leg and paying a premium price for an office chair was something I had come to grips with. It’s not about the price anymore, but about the relief that I had been hoping for. I’m not trying to say, “Buy this chair and it will make all the pain go away,” because it doesn’t. That’s not going to be fixed by a chair. What it does do is make me comfortable for my long hours in the chair. I get up in less pain because I’m sitting with better posture and I can adjust myself in many different positions throughout my day. Working with ergohuman was great. The local office stores and warehouse in my town was a miserable experience. So having dealt with The Human Solution over the phone and getting better customer service was refreshing. I’ve wanted this chair for a very long time. Now after using it for a while I can honestly say it’s been one of the best purchases I’ve made in a long time.

For my information on the Ergo Elite Chair with Headrest visit thehumansolution.com.

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