RAVPower QC 3.0 Wall Charger Review – the perfect add-on to external batteries

Everyone nowadays has a power brink or two laying around. Smart phones, iPads, and all sorts of gadgets use them to charge. So, what makes this one so special? First, it’s 30W and second, it’s a dual port power brick. But, you might say, “I have some power bricks laying around that have multiple ports. Who cares?” That’s when I say that it’s utilizing Smart Charge technology. This means that whatever device you plug in, it knows what wattage it’s best to charge from. So, if you plug in an iPad you will get the full power it needs and if you plug in an iPhone, it’s not going to over power it with more than the device can handle.

RAVPower QC 3.0 Wall Charger Review

The third feature on my list is the QUALCOMM QC 3.0 Quick Charge technology built into the top port that will give you the fastest charging experience possible for your device. This technology feature is especially important for non-iPhone users. iPhone users really won’t see a huge benefit as Qualcomm 3.0 Quick Charge is designed for use with Android devices primarily. They will, however, still benefit from the Intelligent charging function in both ports. For non-iPhone users, you can expect to see up to 4x faster charging time.

RAVPower has been one of my go to companies when it comes to external batteries so I feel very secure when it comes to powering up my batteries, phones, and tablets using this wall charger. The turbo option becomes a great add-on device to the RavPower 20100mAh battery we reviewed a few months ago.

The Pros:
Packs great smart charge technology
Takes advantage of QUALCOMM Quick Charge 3.0

The Cons:
It’s slick to the touch
Fingerprint magnet – after handling it for a few minutes, there were tons of fingerprints all over it
Limited to only two ports

RAVPower QC 3.0 Wall Charger Review

Should you buy it? Like I stated at the top of the review, most people nowadays have power bricks coming out of their eyeballs. But, when you lose these little squares of charging power, you’re going to have to buy a new one and why not get the most for your money? For the others who have their current power bricks, but want something that can do a better job in a slick small package, then the Turbo Wall Charger from RavPower will fit the need. The cons list is small and doesn’t effect the functionality of this device.

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