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A few years ago, we started reviewing different types of security cameras. Some of them were rechargeable using a Micro USB cable, some used AA batteries, and then some used this odd little battery – the CR123A. To be completely honest, before working with those security cameras, I had never really seen this size battery. The cameras would come with their first set, but when it came to reloading the camera with fresh batteries, we had to search for them in stores. When I did end up finding them, they were sold as single batteries. This just wasn’t practical for my needs since I was trying to replace multiple batteries at one time. So, I started looking for them online and was surprised to find that RAVPower, one of my favorite accessory companies, sold a multipack of them.

RAVPower CR123A Batteries REVIEW

When it comes to buying batteries online, I’m always leering of purchasing them from places like Amazon simply because there are a lot of imitation batteries out there and you never know exactly what you will be getting when you order from an unknown vendor on an online superstore. That’s why I was glad to find that RAVPower, a trusted battery vendor, offered the CR123A batteries in a package of 16.


The box is very nondescript – RAVPower’s signature teal color with the simple “RAVPower” name stamped on it. Inside, the batteries are packed in sleeves of four. I found this to be a nice option for packaging considering that most devices will use four batteries at a time. In my particular case, the camera I was reloading needed four so I removed them from a sleeve and placed them into the back of the camera. They fit just as they should and the camera powered on immediately. Since I’ve just replaced the batteries, I can’t comment about their longevity, but RAVPower claims that they have 24,000mAh combined power, which averages out to approximately 1,500mAh per battery.

RAVPower CR123A Batteries REVIEW

The CR123A batteries from RAVPower have a long shelf life (up to 10 years) and they are weather resistant. The batteries have been proven to work in extreme weather conditions including a wide range of temperatures (-40°C to 85°C / -49°F to 185°F). And, as a huge bonus, the Li-ion batteries are environmentally-friendly. They don’t contain any harmful chemicals and they are guarded with short circuit, over current, and voltage protections.

RAVPower CR123A Batteries REVIEW

If you find yourself looking for this type of appliance battery, check out the RAVPower CR123A Lithium Ion batteries. They have proven to be a good option for my security cameras and I believe they will work well in any appliance they are place into. It can be hard to find a solid battery option outside of the ‘primary’ battery manufacturers. RAVPower is a legitimate third-party accessory designer and a trusted brand for me.

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