Never be stuck on the side of the road without a Jump again

In my lifetime, I’ve had more than my fair share of dead car batteries. Growing up I had many Junkers “cough, cough,” I mean cars. These automobiles gave me many opportunities to test out my long distance walking ability as when I would go to start my car I would find that my alternator would be bad and did not charge the battery or that I left my lights on, needless to say, no one wants to stop and help someone standing in a parking lot or gas station needing a jump. Maybe it’s the people in the town I live in but I can remember the many long walks home and the many people telling me we don’t have jumper cables or the words, “piss off.” Because of my experience, I never wanted to be caught out without a way to get my car started again.

RAVPower Car Jump Starter 14000mAh External Battery REVIEW

A few years ago when Robyn flew back from a business trip, her car battery was dead. She had traveled two hours to an airport for a cheaper flight and I received a call because there was no one around to help her jump her car. I was going to drive the two hours, but she decided to call a towing company to come jumpstart her car. They made $65 to jump start her car with a jump kit. Thirty seconds is all it took and they drove away making a killing that night.

Our stories are not uncommon and most people will experience something like this in their lifetime. You can combat these types of situations with your very own jump kit like this one from RAVPower.

RAVPower Car Jump Starter 14000mAh External Battery REVIEW

RAVPower makers of some very awesome tech designed a very portable jumpstart kit powerful enough to jump your car but small and portable enough to carry around in a laptop bag. As a bonus, it’s safe enough to charge your iOS devices. The Car Jump Starter 14000 mAh External Battery is a wonderful device with a horrible name. It’s much smaller than the advance jumpstart kit that you might see towing companies, car lots, and mechanics use.

As I was approached by RAVPower about this device it could not have come at a better time because my old SUV that I planned to trade in for a new truck, the battery died and I needed to jump it to drive to the car lot. I waited until my review unit arrived before taking the SUV into the lot for my trade so I could test the jump start kit out. I can tell you it worked flawlessly. And, because I waited to take the SUV to the car lot, I ended up finding a better deal with a different car lot then I was going to use and so the kit sort of saved me twice.

RAVPower Car Jump Starter 14000mAh External Battery REVIEW

The Car Jump Starter 14000 mAh kit is super simple to use. First off it comes in a very nice travel case made from semi-hard shell nylon. It’s got a small set of cables that you plug into the battery and then clips on your battery terminals. From there, flip the power switch on and you will see the LED screen light up. That’s about it. Follow the simple instructions and you will never be left in the cold again. Well, at least not from a dead battery anyways.

The kit also comes with two USB cables and a wall charger. You have two iSmart USB ports on the battery to charge your mobile devices from and a built-in flashlight. The flashlight is super handy as some cars might not have a light under the hood and you definitely don’t want to snap the positive to the negative of the battery. The battery is well protected as it’s covered in a plastic rubber body. The port for the jumper cables is covered by a waterproof cover.
RAVPower Car Jump Starter 14000mAh External Battery REVIEW

The RAVPower Car Jump Starter 14000mAh External Battery is a great benefit to car owners. I think my favorite thing about it is that it’s incredibly portable and you can literally take it with you anywhere. It’s an affordable life saver that should be on your ‘must have’ list.

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