RAVPower Alpha Series Fast Charge Wireless Charging Pad

10 RAVPower Alpha Series Fast Charge Wireless Charging Pad REVIEW


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Inexpensive wireless charging pad that powers your device fast

Last year when I upgraded my phone to the iPhone X, I struggled for a while to find the ‘right’ wireless charger. Wireless charging was not something unknown to me as I had used wireless charging cases in the past, but charging my phone wirelessly on a regular basis was fairly new to me. I wanted to maximize the charging power of the phone and that was 5W (at the time of iPhone X’s launch). That capacity was upgraded to 7.5W later on with an iOS update. When the iPhone Xs and Xs Max were announced, Apple stated that they could charge up to 50% faster than the iPhone X, but no ‘official’ specs were given. So, when I started looking for a wireless charger to realize the full potential of the phone’s charging power, I specifically sought out ‘fast’ charging pads and I found the Alpha Series Fast Charge Wireless Charging Pad from RAVPower.

RAVPower Alpha Series Fast Charge Wireless Charging Pad REVIEW


The Alpha Series Fast Charge Wireless Charging Pad is a powerful option for wireless charging. It will accept an input charge between 9-12V/2A (max) and will output 10W (max). This charging pad is compatible with all Qi-enabled smartphones. A Fast & Free 24W QC 3.0 power adapter is included so that you can charge at the greatest capacity possible. The charger has built-in over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature, and over-charge protection. According to the RAVPower manual, phone cases more than 0.2 inches thick will likely not allow the phone to charge. The charging pad has an LED indicator light on it that will show the different statuses of the charger. These statuses include:

  • Red: Power connected. Will turn off in 10 seconds if no device detected.
  • Green LED blinking: Charging a compatible device.
  • Green LED: Fully charged. Turns off in 15 seconds.
  • Red LED flashing: Indicates an unsupported device.

RAVPower Alpha Series Fast Charge Wireless Charging Pad REVIEW


Getting started with the charging pad is very simple. You just pull it out of the box and plug the charging pad into power using the provided wall adapter. Then, you place your phone onto the pad and wait for it to charge. I pointed out earlier how there aren’t clear specs on how fast the iPhone Xs and Xs Max will charge wirelessly. After using the charger, it seems like it’s a very fast charge. I charged my iPhone Xs Max using the charger and was surprised how quickly it gained power. There was minimal heat collection on the phone and charging pad. After trying it with an iPhone Xs Max, I continued my testing with an iPhone Xs.

The first thing I did was to test the input power from the power adapter to the charger. I have a USB Digital Tester that can connect through USB-C or USB-A. Because of this, I was only able to test the power current at the power adapter input point. After testing that connection for 30 seconds, I found that the charger was receiving 12.1V/1.04A from the power adapter. This translates to a 12W input to the actual charging pad. I don’t have a way to test how much power is actually being pushed out by the wireless charging pad, but according to the specs, it will only output 10W as the maximum.

RAVPower Alpha Series Fast Charge Wireless Charging Pad REVIEW

After charging the iPhone Xs for 53 minutes, it had gained 26% battery power, which is 0.49% per minute. The first 7 minutes of the testing I did not have a case on the phone. During this time, it only gained 2% battery power (0.28% per minute). The next 46 minutes of the test (with a case), I the battery gained 24%, which is 0.46% per minute. The case that was on the phone was simple silicone case that is well within the requirements for the charger. I was actually surprised to find that the charging rate of the phone with a case was faster than without the case.

RAVPower Alpha Series Fast Charge Wireless Charging Pad REVIEW


Since I don’t have accurate specs for the iPhone Xs or the Xs Max about what they will accept as as ‘fast charge’ for wireless charging, I don’t know if I can say that the Alpha Series Fast Charge Wireless Charging Pad is the ‘ideal’ option for charging the new iPhones. It seems to work very well and I love that it doesn’t seem to collect heat on the phone or the charger. I really like the small footprint of this charging pad and can recommend it as a functional wireless charging option.

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