A stylish, protective case for the iPhone.

I am adamant about keeping a case on my iPhone. I’ve had accidents before that have rendered my phone useless when I haven’t had a case on my phone. Since that time, I’ve always kept a case on my phone. I like to try out different styles of cases and despite testing out pretty much every form of case, I continually come back to the bumper style case for my iPhone. One of my favorite things about getting a new phone is trying out new cases so when I got my iPhone Xs, I was excited to try out a new case right along with it. I stumbled into an iPhone Case made by RAREFORM.


The case is made from repurposed billboard vinyl and co-branded by Nomad Goods. It’s hand-cut in California and features 6-foot drop protection. There are raised edges to protect the iPhone’s screen and it’s compatible with wireless charging. The case’s thin construction makes it very portable and versatile. It’s available in a wide variety of styles and is compatible with the iPhone X/Xs, iPhone Xs Max, and the iPhone Xr. Because it’s made out of billboard vinyl, the case is also waterproof.

Rareform iPhone Xs Case REVIEW


The case is packaged in a simple cardboard box. The box has a cutout that allows you to actually touch the case through the box. The box is blank and does not include any information about the case. I was able to remove it easily from the box. The case is branded as ‘RAREFORM’ but when you look at the inside of the case, you will also see a stamp of NOMAD’s name. When you visit NOMAD’s website, there is no mention of the partnership, but RAREFORM’s website does.

Rareform iPhone Xs Case REVIEW

The case has a hard shell for the back and the sides are semi-hardshell to help protect the phone while it’s housed inside. The inside of the case has a soft backing to it that keeps the back of the phone safe from scratches. The openings on the bottom for the speakers and Lightning port line up nicely with the phone and the cutout for the camera on the back is a perfect fit, too. I thought the phone fit into the case quite nicely and even though it’s a bit of a tight fit, you can still remove the phone from the case if you need to.

Rareform iPhone Xs Case REVIEW

One of the things I was most taken with was the design of the case. RAREFORM has several designs available for this case, but the one I chose reminded me of a pixelated TV screen. It’s colorful and it definitely stands out in a crowd. I’ve been using the case for a couple of weeks now and really love how durable it is. I am also using a tempered glass screen protector, which was not included with the case and I feel like my phone is well-protected.


The iPhone Case from RAREFORM is a uniquely styled case with a durable structure. The case retails for $38 on RAREFORM’s website. Even though it’s a bit of an investment for a case, it’s not as expensive as some other cases I’ve used. I can recommend this case to anyone looking to protect their phone in style.

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