Protects the iPhone from impacts while reducing its impact on the environment

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with several different styles of cases since I’ve had smartphones and some of my favorite ones come from Raptic. When the iPhone 13 phones were released in September, Raptic announced that some of their most popular cases would get an update to include the new iPhone models and I was thrilled. Even though a lot of the cases they released were simple updates from earlier designs, there was one brand new option – the Terrain. 

Raptic Terrain iPhone 13 Case


The Terrain is an iPhone 13 case that is extremely durable, lightweight and offers 10-foot drop protection. Like so many other Raptic cases, the Terrain exceeds MIL-STD-810G standards and is also Qi Wireless Charging compatible. Terrain is the ONLY iPhone 13 case that is 100% made in the USA. It’s also biodegradable. The materials in Terrain were tested to ASTM Standard D5511 and biodegraded to 22.5% after 365 days in lab testing simulating a common landfill environment. Terrain packaging is also 100% recyclable and will also fully biodegrade in less than a year. The back of the case is frosted transparent so that it can show off the phone inside. There are three color choices – blue, purple, and black. 

Raptic Terrain iPhone 13 Case


The case comes in a simple cardboard box. An image of the case is printed on the front with the name of the product and the size of the phone that it works with included below it. The back of the box has a second image of the case on it and some information about the case’s biodegradable nature. There is a “Made in the USA” stamp on the box as well. The side of the box slides out to reveal the case stored inside. To remove the case, you just pop it off of the cardboard inset and install your phone. 

Installing the phone is pretty easy. The case is flexible around the edges, but very solid on the back (made from polycarbonate). Since the sides are flexible, you can slide your iPhone into one side (I usually work with the volume button side first) and then fold the case around the rest of the phone. The buttons line up well with the correct spots on the phone and the cutouts for the speakers and charging port are also lined up well. The cutout for the camera system is raised for lens protection. 

Raptic Terrain iPhone 13 Case

The design feature that I like the most about the case is that it is biodegradable. I used to work for a nonprofit that collected used items and phone cases were abundant. We ended up disposing of so many phone cases simply because they were damaged or too dirty to redistribute. The fact that this case is biodegradable means that even if it gets thrown away, it will not linger and be harmful to the environment. 


Raptic has some great case choices for the iPhone 13. The Terrain is a unique option and covers all the bases for me. I hope since this is a newer style that Raptic will continue developing it for future iPhones. 

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