A great protective case for active lifestyles.

Finding just the right case is not always an easy task. I always seek out a good case when I get a new phone. I’m particularly partial to cases that are protective, but minimalist in design. One of my favorite cases in recent years is the Raptic Shield and fortunately, it’s been updated for the iPhone product line. 


The Raptic Shield retails for around $30 (at the time of publishing) and comes in five different colors – black, iridescent, red, red gradient, and purple. The defender-style case has been drop-tested on concrete up to 10 feet and it exceeds MIL-STD-810G standards. The case features machined aluminum metal so that the case has a solid foundation. The back of the case is intentionally left clear to show off the true color of the iPhone inside. One of the key elements of the case’s protective design is its soft rubber bubble battery that rests inside the case. This feature helps to absorb shock and deflects impact. The case is compatible with most wireless charging accessories including MagSafe chargers. It is not compatible with other MagSafe accessories such as car mounts. 

Raptic Shield iPhone 13 Pro Case


  • TPU & soft rubber bubble pattern inside that absorbs and deflects shock.
  • Anodized aluminum metal frame
  • Hard & clear polycarbonate back panel
  •  Certified to exceed Military Grade Drop Test standards, MIL-STD-810G
  • 10 foot drop protection (3m)
  • Raised lip: 1.2 mm
  • Product dimensions: 11 mm x 154 mm x 77 mm
  • Weight: 1.5 oz
  • Works with iPhone 13 Pro
  • Qi wireless chargers
  • MagSafe chargers
Raptic Shield iPhone 13 Pro Case


There are two variations of retail packages – one that is in a plain brown cardboard box with minimal branding on it and the other with full-color images on it. I happen to end up with the plain cardboard version. This version really has very few details on it. It does mention what the name of the case is, what model phone it’s for, and the drop-protection rating, but there isn’t much else in the way of details. When you open the box, you can slide the plastic tray out that houses the case. The case is wrapped in plastic and it has a card placed in it that is designed to look like the back of an iPhone. The reverse side of the card has the Limited Lifetime Warranty listed on it. 

Raptic Shield iPhone 13 Pro Case

There are five different colors variations for the iPhone 13 Pro Raptic Shield Case and I have the purple one. It’s a pale, lavender, which, in my opinion, is complementary to the iPhone colors. I personally love the design of this case because the back is transparent and only the sides have the coloring. That means the beauty of the phone’s natural design is still something you get to experience – even with a case on it. One of the things I really love about this case is the fact that it’s a defense-style case, but it isn’t bulky at all. I’ve used this case before with previous models of the iPhone and it’s been a great option for phone protection. The sides of the case are somewhat texturized so you always have a firm grip on the phone, but unlike soft silicone-style cases, the case slides in and out of pockets very easily. 

The sides of the case are somewhat rigid except around the volume buttons and mute switch. This area is pliable and you can use that spot to be able to install the phone in the case. You slide the phone into that side of the case first and then work it around the rest of the case. Once the phone is in the case, it stays firmly in place. I like the raised bezel around the camera system as it helps protect the lenses from drops. All the cutouts for the speakers and charging port are in the perfect places. 

Raptic Shield iPhone 13 Pro Case


When selecting a case for your phone you want one that is not only compatible with the phone and its main features, but you also want one that is compatible with your lifestyle. The Raptic Shield is a really great option for active lifestyles. It’s protective but minimalist at the same time. It’s well worth the purchase price and it holds up really well to daily use. 

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