A powerful accessory that saves a workspace from product clutter.

I’ve been working from home now for the past 4 months. One of the first things I did for myself was to set up a clean, inspirational workspace. My intent was to make sure it was a place that I was not only comfortable in but that I was also able to think creatively. I’ve been pretty successful in this venture with one exception — desktop clutter. In the past couple of weeks, I’ve had a problem with over-ear headphones strewn on the desk along with a stray wireless charger that I’ve needed to keep my phone juiced up. So, what is the solution? Combining the devices. Raptic saw solving this problem as a way to help consumers and they designed the Rise Power Stand. It’s a headphone stand and Qi wireless charging pad in one device. 


The Raptic Rise Headphone Stand combines two products into one – a premium headphone stand and a wireless charger. The stand is made from solid aluminum and is designed to hold any over-ear headphones. The base is where the charging pad is incorporated. It will charge using up to 12W to provide the fastest possible charge to your headphones. The wireless charger is powered by a USB-C cable and wall charger (provided). In addition to the USB-C port, there is also a USB-A port on the back of the base for charging other devices including the headphones being stored on the stand. There is a built-in cable management system on the bottom of the base that provides the user with an option for organizing excess cable. The stand weighs approximately 1.75 pounds and measures 4 x 5.1 x 10.6 inches. 



The Raptic Rise comes in a very nicely designed box. The front of it features two photos of the headphones stand — one with a set of headphones resting on it and a phone being charged and the other is bare. The front of the box also dons the Raptic logo and the full name of the product. The back of the box is also very informative as it gives a full description of the product and includes bulleted features as well. As far as retail packaging goes, Raptic has done a very good job of identifying and showcasing this headphone stand before the customer ever gets their hands on the physical product. 


When I opened the box I was met with the Rise quick start guide (instructions for assembly) and the parts to the stand. The stand itself is packaged as the base and the arm. There is a small kit of screws and a hex wrench that is included so that the user can easily assemble the stand. A USB-C to USB-C cable is also included along with a 12W power adapter. At this point in the review process, I can say that the headphones stand is hitting all the marks for me. Raptic has included a proper power adapter to ensure the user gets their full charging power and illustrative, descriptive instructions are included for assembly. These are big pluses in my book. 

Assembly of the stand simply meant screwing the tiny screws through the arm and into the base using the provided hex wrench. The hex wrench is very slim and when I went to tighten the screws, I did feel the wrench give a little bit. If I had to tighten the screws any harder the wrench probably would have bent. Once the stand was put together, I plugged the USB-C cable into the base and then the power adapter into the wall. I placed the stand on a corner of my desk where it would be easily accessible (since the phone would be charging on it), but out of the way while I didn’t need it. 

I actually use over-ear headphones every…single…day. Because I work remotely, my team does a lot of video meetings and I tend to default to using my Jabra Evolve2 85 headphones for video conferencing. Even though they have a great battery life, I have to admit that it’s great to have the option to plug them in easily while I’m sitting at my desk. Before incorporating the Rise stand into my working environment, I was moving the headphones to another place in my office for charging. This is a much easier option. The headphone stand is incredibly sturdy. I’ve actually used it for two different sets of headphones — the aforementioned Jabra headphones and a set of Sony wireless headphones. The Sony headphones are a lot lighter than the Jabras, but thanks to the very heavy, weighted base that the Rise has, the stand doesn’t move or falter when headphones are placed on it. I also noticed that there was plenty of room for either set of headphones to hang freely without them touching the phone on the wireless charger. 

As for the wireless charger, I actually breathed a sigh of relief when I put the Rise into use because it meant I finally had a place to store AND charge my phone without sacrificing space on my desktop. I’ve noticed lately that by the end of my workday, my phone’s battery is in bad need of a charge. Adding the Rise charger to my workspace will eliminate that problem. The charger is actually a very capable charger. To test it, I placed the phone on the charging pad and let it charge for 30 minutes. During this time, I was not using the phone (other than to check its battery level every ten minutes) and the headphones were not plugged in for charging. After the charging time had elapsed, the phone had gained 20% battery life for a charging rate of approximately 0.67% per minute. That is a much better charging rate than some other wireless chargers. 

While I definitely favor the Rise stand and charger, I do have one issue with it — cable management. While one of the features of this stand is the ability to wrap the excess cable around the base, it’s not very practical. I attempted wrapping the cable around the raised base section meant for cable management and it didn’t stay in place very well. Also, because the headphones require a cable to extend from the base up to where the headphones are hanging, there is a cable dangling on the stand. I would have liked to see maybe a cable clip installed on the back of the headphone stand or one provided so that users could organize a little easier. I have to admit though — this is really nitpicky. Raptic did a really nice job with this product. 


I always try to provide a fair and unbiased opinion on the products I’m reviewing and my review of this stand is no different. I really like the design of it, it has easy assembly, and it works really well. I’m very happy that it’s helped me to reduce product clutter on my desk and I’m grateful that I now have a dedicated place to charge both my phone and my headphones on my desk. While I felt that there might be some room for improvement in some areas of the design, overall, I am thrilled with this product. 

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